Book Tour: Amethyst by Jesse Nolan Bailey

Thank you Storytellers on Tour for giving me the opportunity to read and highlight this phenomenal recently released adult new weird fantasy, Amethyst by Jesse Nolan Bailey! Readers, be sure to check out SOT and the rest of the book tour!

Amethyst opens with Rashell stopping the village leader Keer from potentially murdering an outsider through a process known as purging in an attempt to “cleanse” him of the outside. The outsider, though a stranger to Rashell, has arrived after receiving her request for help – her brother is missing and no one in the village will help her, including Keer.

The outsider, Derrick, soon reveals that he is there for more than to investigate Rashell’s brother’s disappearance. He was sent to learn more about the village itself and rumors of a cult. He is quickly thrown into the midst of the people’s worship of a great Amethyst and mummified entity known as the Oracle. While investigating, he discovers a strange grave robber and other oddities that Rashell can’t fathom fitting together – but everything does.

Bailey has created a fascinating novella that turns fantasy on its head – the scenes with the Oracle? The visions it gives? The glowing giant Amethyst? The creature? Y’ALL. This paired with themes of the dangers of ignorance, the dangers of isolation, and the power of nature create an enthralling read.

I also admire Bailey’s choice to create a transgendered character, but being transgendered does not drive the plot – it is simply part of the character’s identity.

I will admit to guessing a twist in the story early on, but it did not ruin the read as Bailey has strong, descriptive world building and character development. I highly recommend this book to lovers of weird and strange fantasy with elements of horror – it is a creepily captivating read. Overall, I give Amethyst 4 stars, and I hope to read more by Bailey in the future!

Get your copy of Amethyst today here, and remember to follow Jesse Nolan Bailey on social media!

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