Book Review: A Sea of Pearls & Leaves by Rosalyn Briar

Last book review of 2020!

After falling in love with her debut novel, The Crown of Bones, I eagerly signed up to be an ARC reader for her second book – and author Rosalyn Briar has done it once again with her new novel, A Sea of Pearls & Leaves!

I recommend this adult fantasy romance to readers who enjoy:

🌟Fairytale retellings
🌟A lovable, beautiful, quirky, and bi-sexual princess
🌟A powerful, pink-haired sorceress
🌟A complex but new spin on the love triangle
🌟A plethora of suitors and a competition for the princess’s hand in marriage
🌟Murder and betrayal
🌟Excellent world-building
🌟Stories with multiple points-of-view

Princess Ingrid is happy with her girlfriend Lilura, but her father, King Rolf, demands her to choose a husband as she is the future ruler of Norella Isle and cannot rule without a king. King Rolf throws a ball for Ingrid’s birthday, inviting possible husbands-to-be for the princess. Ingrid and Lilura create an impossible marriage contract to prevent any suitor from pursuing her – but the plan backfires as every man agrees to the outlandish request: upon Ingrid’s death her husband must be buried at sea with her. The suitors begin competing for Ingrid’s hand in marriage, but a murderer is loose on the island. Two priestesses are murdered and then Lilura goes missing. Will Ingrid be able to save her heart and the people of Norella Isle before it is too late?

This novel is definitely a page-turner with excellent world-building and character development. Each chapter is told in the perspective of one of the three main characters. Though multi-POVs can be tricky, Briar does an excellent job navigating the characters’ unique voices and personalities.

I will admit, I’m not sure how I feel about the ending – I’m still mulling it over. I would love to talk about this LGBTQ+ fantasy romance with you, when you read it! It is currently available on Amazon here. Also, be sure to follow Rosalyn Briar on Instagram and Twitter!

*This book may not be suitable for everyone. It does contain sex and polyamorous relationships.

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