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Kayla E. Green has several poems and stories that have been included in various collections since 2022. Below, you can learn more about the anthologies featuring Kayla E. Green and her individual pieces. Though all of Kayla’s writing is clean and suitable for young adult audiences, please look at each anthology as a whole and use discretion when deciding to share with the young readers in your life.


Havok selects authors each season to feature in their print anthology. Winning authors have their stories appear in the season anthology, and Kayla’s piece “The Once-Stars” is a Season Seven: Animal Kingdom winning flash fiction story!

Organized by Anne J. Hill, Wither and Bloom is an anthology on the theme of love and all its forms. Kayla’s reverse poem titled “The Truth About Love” is exclusively in the hardback edition.

Finding God in Anime Vol. 2 is a devotional series organized by Laura A. Grace and Moriah Jane. Kayla has 2 devotionals featured including “The Ultimate Sacrifice” and “You Don’t Have to be Scared Any Longer.”

The Never Tales Volume One, organized by Hannah Carter and Anne J. Hill, features Peter Pan inspired stories and poetry. Here you can read Kayla’s poem “The Lost Call It Home.”

The Depths We’ll Go To, a collection by Alex Silvius, debuted in 2022. It contains Kayla’s poem “Fallen Star” and her short story “Passion and Purpose.”

The Heights We’ll Fly To, a collection by Alex Silvius, is a companion anthology to The Depths We’ll Go To. It features Kayla’s short story “Stairway to the Stars.”

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