IMG_0265Are you searching for something more in your life? Metamorphosis is a personal testimony of how God can transform lives. Covering topics of depression, anxiety, and searching for something more, the poetry serves as a vessel for God’s light. The words provide hope for the future and insight on how to be strong through Jesus Christ. Anyone yearning for something more will find renewal in this poetry.

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Praise for Metamorphosis:

“[Green’s] lyrical poems will connect with you spiritually, encouraging you in the midst of any circumstance you experience. Each poem intimately brings you into the speaker’s thoughts and feelings, making you feel like you are with her. The poems are a perfect supplement to a devotion, provoking food for thought during alone time with the Lord. I highly recommend adding this book to your shelf!”
—M. H. Elrich, author of Etania’s Worth and Toothbreaker

“Green’s Metamorphosis is a story of healing and resilience and reminder that healing is not linear. Through each poem, the reader experiences more and more of Green’s personal story of triumph. Despair burdening both the author and potential readers, followed by hope for so much more—hope for greater things to come. Faith-based readers living with mental heath concerns will get lost in the beauty of the message that ‘we are not alone and through Christ, we can do all things.’”
—Kari M. Cadmus, MS-candidate in clinical counseling, North Carolina

“This book of spiritual poetry called out to my heart and soul. I never knew, or perhaps I really did, I had so many unresolved, lingering issues of my past, of my present. The healing power of Kayla’s poetry swept over me as I read her words and released feelings of my self-doubt and unworthiness. I asked myself, how could a poet as young as she know my plight . . . but she did. Goodness reigns supreme in her poetry. I truly wish everyone could read METAMORPHOSIS and experience what I felt. Such cleansing and healing can be found in this book.” — Brenda Peregoy, Amazon Reviewer

“In these times of pandemic, one needs the consolation of beauty and thoughtfulness. Kayla Green’s “Metamorphosis” fulfills this need by providing beautiful and thoughful poetry. All of the poems are written from the heart, but several in particular seem most pertinent to our predicament of the year 2020, “In the Desert” expresses both despair and hope, “When the wilderness is harsh/ And the briars sharp/ I will not wander. . . . When the wasteland is grating/ And the wind is berating/ I will not despair . . . .” The last poem in the collection, “I’m a Butterfly,” is the ultimate expression of hope for us all. Keep this collection of lovely poems close.” — Angela Thompson, Amazon Reviewer

“Kayla’s poems are so relatable and really resounded with me. I felt so touched by reading them! They brought tears to my eyes. She is such a talented writer and you can read her emotions and sense her faith as you read through this beautiful collection. Her poems show that, no matter how alone we feel in the midst of them, our struggles are universal and nothing that we can say or think will shock God or make Him turn away from us. He understands our troubles and promises that we don’t have a God who can’t empathize with us, but One who feels everything that we have been through (Hebrews 4:15) and will see us through all the valleys and mountains. Thank you, Kayla, for sharing your poems and your heart with the world! We are all the more blessed for it.” — Hannah Carter, Amazon Reviewer


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