Author Interview: Rosalyn Briar

My last post of 2020 was a book review for the adult fantasy A Sea of Pearls and Leaves (read it here), so it is only fitting that my first author interview of 2021 is with the wonderful indie author Rosalyn Briar! Briar weaves a beautiful world featuring fairytales in both The Crown of BonesContinue reading “Author Interview: Rosalyn Briar”

Books Wanted!

Happy New Year, friends! ❤ This year I plan to continue to share book reviews and author interviews. At this time, I would like to invite authors to submit an application to be featured on my blog and social media this year! If selected, I will purchase and read your book. If I rate yourContinue reading “Books Wanted!”

Book Review: A Sea of Pearls & Leaves by Rosalyn Briar

Last book review of 2020! After falling in love with her debut novel, The Crown of Bones, I eagerly signed up to be an ARC reader for her second book – and author Rosalyn Briar has done it once again with her new novel, A Sea of Pearls & Leaves! I recommend this adult fantasyContinue reading “Book Review: A Sea of Pearls & Leaves by Rosalyn Briar”

Author Interview: Katie Dunn

Last week I reviewed the wonderful novel Myth Blessed, and this week I had the honor of interviewing author Katie Dunn. In addition to being a talented author, Dunn is a high school history teacher. Living in Arizona, Dunn enjoys reading and playing games (whether it is video games, board games, or DnD). She alsoContinue reading “Author Interview: Katie Dunn”