The Goodness of Unicorns

A YA Fantasy

 The power of thought is a formidable foe. Belief in oneself is one of the strongest weapons to ever be wielded in this time. If you believe you will, you will conquer. But if you believe you will succumb to the demons, you will, indeed, be consumed – By Cressida Andromeda, Defeating Demons

IMG_0248       With a demon whispering your greatest fears in your ears, how can you learn to navigate a magical world as a magicless witch? High school shouldn’t be this difficult.
Fifteen year-old Rowan Tritonia struggles to find acceptance in a world she desperately wants to belong. She grows a part from her only friend upon entering high school, and faces ostracization for being different. Yet, a new boy, Bane, sticks up for her and opens her eyes to the truth of the world around her. Bane loves Rowan when she can’t love herself, and helps her discover the light within her darkness. The Goodness of Unicorns is a story of growing up, self-discovery, love, and magic — and there are unicorns, too.

I am actively seeking agent representation/publication for The Goodness of Unicorns.


Book Soundtrack

Below is music I hear while reading The Goodness of Unicorns. All rights reserved to the artists. Check out each artist on YouTube and support them by purchasing their music through Amazon or iTunes!

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