Book Spotlight: The Wayward by Tabitha Caplinger

Last December, I was fortunate enough to discover and read the book The Wolf Queen by Tabitha Caplinger. *warning: I am about to fan-girl a little*

The Wolf Queen was one of the most beautiful books I have ever read, and it steadfastly holds a spot in my top ten all time favorite books. The characters and the messages stayed with me long after I turned the final page and, as an author myself, it gave me inspiration tenfold. I hope to beautifully weave poignant messages in a captivating story with relatable characters in a manner that brings readers closer to God in my writings like Tabitha does; she uses her gift to share God’s light through her writing. She is talented, kind, and I admire her so much. *end fan-girling…kind of*

Now, Tabitha has a NEW BOOK releasing February 7, 2023 with Blue Ink Press: The Wayward! *jumping up and down with excitement*

The Wayward is not a YA fantasy like The Wolf Queen. It is classified as a YA/NA clean dystopian; however, I have no doubt that Tabitha has created another beautiful book. I cannot wait to read it!

What is The Wayward About?

Wilder James has spent her entire life in Beartooth, secluded from the Necanians and their domed cities where most of humanity resides. Content to keep her distance within the confines of her rustic community, she desires nothing more than to live out her years with her husband, Declan, in their simple mountain home.

But when an unexpected tragedy rips apart her dreams, and intruders pull her from the safety of her camp and into a dark reality, she discovers the shocking truth. The Necanians are not bringers of peace. They’re harbingers of death.

Now Wilder must decide if she will protect only herself and her people, or risk everything to try to free all of humanity. She is armed with the one thing her people have always had – faith. Will it be enough?

Faith and The Wayward

“Faith is a funny thing because it requires trusting in something bigger when you can’t see the light. It means believing in Goodness even when you don’t feel it. It is remaining steadfast even when you don’t understand why or how. Faith often isn’t just something we have or choose but something we wrestle with. In The Wayward we find characters wrestling with faith because they are trying to reconcile their grief and suffering with Goodness and having to trust when they have no clue of the outcome.”

Title Track

Who Will Love This Book?

I asked Tabitha who would enjoy this book. She said, “On the surface, it’s a clean dystopian so I think if you like that you will find a story to enjoy. But I think readers who love a story with flawed and vulnerable characters that contrasts light and dark, hope and despair, grief and joy will connect to The Wayward. Also, there are aliens.”

What Others Are Saying About The Wayward

“Caplinger creates a gripping and intense story in her upcoming novel, The Wayward. As we follow Wilder through her loss and grief, beautiful depictions of perseverance, faith and true love are portrayed through elegant prose. It is through this riveting story we learn how valuable the strength of one’s heart and soul can truly be.”

– V. Romas Burton, Author of the award-winning Heartmender Series

Meet the Author

How To Pre-Order

The Wayward will be available for preorder soon! If you would like early access and first chance to claim the limited preorder goodies, please fill out this form and you will be the first to know when preorders are open!

I am lucky enough to be an ARC reader, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on The Wayward with you in an upcoming blog post!

Bookish Shop Feature: Book Nook Sleeves

Chances are if you follow my blog, you are an avid reader. If you’re like me, then you typically don’t go anywhere without a book. How do you keep your physical books safe and secure while out and about?

Y’all, when I first discovered book sleeves and Book Nook Sleeves (BNS), it was a game changer! Heather, owner of BNS, has a multitude of book sleeve options perfect for different sized books (and the sleeves can be used for other things, too – I use a mini sleeve for my glasses at night). AND book sleeves aren’t all BNS offers! To learn more about this awesome small business that both book-lovers and writers will love, check out my interview with Heather below!

Q) What inspired you to start Book Nook Sleeves?

A) I’ve always loved creating things and when I discovered book sleeves, I thought I’d make a few for myself to use. I enjoyed making them so much that I decided to start creating them for others and it took off from there.

Q) Can you tell readers about your current products available?

A) We currently offer several different products, but our most popular are: book sleeves, mug rugs, corner bookmarks, and pin hoops.

Q) If a reader would like to place a custom order, how can they do that?

A) We love custom orders! To discus custom options, please message us on Etsy.

Q) If you could speak to your younger self what advice would you give her?

A) Never give up! There are things to learn about both good and bad experiences.

Q) What is your most recent 5 star read and why did you give it 5 stars?

A) My last 5 star read was Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover. It really tugged on my heart strings!

Q) Tell us about your star employee, Lucy.

A) Lucy is our doxie that we adopted about four years ago. We don’t have kids, so she is VERY spoiled! She is never far from me while I’m sewing, prepping materials, and packing orders… although you can usually find her sleeping. She snores SO loud! lol

Q) What do you like to do in your spare time?

A) Besides reading, I enjoy traveling with my husband, Dan, spending time with friends and family, baking tasty treats, and snuggling on the couch with Lucy.

Q) Who is someone, real or fictional, that inspires you and why?

A) My mom inspires me. She is always there when I need someone to talk to and has taught me so much over the years.

Q) Can you give us some hints or sneak peeks for any new themes or products BNS will have in the new year?

A) I have several exciting things planned in 2023 for BNS. I had originally planned them for this year, but postponed them when we decided to switch all of our book sleeves over to our new foam style. There will be new items for pin collectors, readers who love big books, and some book sleeves that will be unique to our shop!

Q) Is there anything else you would like to add? 

A) Keep an eye on our social media pages!  We are working with several authors to create exclusive items for special edition boxes that we can’t wait to share with all of you.

Follow BNS on social media! And, when you place an order, remember to use code UNICORN10 for a discount! 🙂

Happy Release Day to The Depths of Atlantis!

Yay, The Depths of Atlantis by Hannah Carter releases TODAY!

*balloons drop from the ceiling, a marching band plays, and Taylor Swift sings ‘Celebration’ (Taylor’s Version, obvs.)*

Thank you everyone who has joined us in the blog party celebrating Hannah and her wonderful characters! I hope you have had as much fun as I have, and I hope, if you didn’t already pre-order, you order a copy for yourself today from Amazon or SnowRidge Press AND request a copy at your local library!

I sincerely believe in this story, and I know other readers will be touched by the characters and their journey just like I was. The Depths of Atlantis is a phenomenal YA fantasy book, hooking readers in the first chapter and keeping them yearning to know what happens next.

Connect with Hannah Carter through her:

Missed one of the blog party’s daily posts? Here is a quick recap:

The Depths of Atlantis Book Playlist

The Depths of Atlantis releases TOMORROW (November 2)! The author, Hannah Carter, is going to share the book’s playlist with us today. Are y’all as excited as I am?!

All rights reserved to the artists. Check out each artist on YouTube and support them by purchasing their music through Amazon or iTunes!

Book Playlist

  1. Head Above Water by Avril Lavigne If any song was the “theme song” of Depths, it would definitely be this one. You hear the struggle as the narrator desperately tries to stay afloat as they fight for their life. There’s anguished pleas to God to be saved. And, of course, the water motif. The moment I heard this song, I could just imagine Reanna singing it. The mood and message just encapsulate Depths and her own struggle way too well. 

2. Nobody Else by Em Beihold This is another song that really resonates with Reanna. She often wishes that she were someone else—or even not born—and struggles to see the value in her own worth. But that’s one of the lessons she really has to learn over the series (yes, series—with such an important lesson, she can’t really learn it over the course of one book!). She has to come to terms with the fact that she’s okay. She’s got self-worth. And, if she could only take a better look at herself, she could be happy that she’s nobody else.

3. I’m Still Here by John Rzeznik This is Adam’s theme song, and man, does it hit me hard when I think about his arc. He’s trying his hardest to help, but feels constantly caught between his own secrets and desires. He’s got so much passion and drive and such a determination to show himself as somebody. He wants to prove himself, not just to the world, but to him, too. He wants to be recognized and loved—but he doesn’t know how beyond the hurt he’s already felt. This angsty song really hits everything he feels on the head.

4. Everything You Ever Wanted by Hawk Nelson This is Trevor’s song—and it really hits hard for anyone who’s ever tried to live up to someone’s expectations and still felt like a failure. For anyone who’s ever had prayer after prayer go unanswered. Trevor’s had both, though he doesn’t often show it. He feels like he’ll never be perfect enough for his dad, so he often directs and blames his father. On top of that, he feels confused by his mom leaving, like he’s been abandoned—and that also compounds his anger toward his dad, because, especially in the sort of childlike trauma he’s carried with him, Trevor thinks: “I didn’t do anything. I didn’t make her go away. It was Dad’s fault. He forced Mom away.” I could take a deep dive into Trevor’s psyche, but in the sake of being brief, I’ll leave you with the one lyric that I imagine Trevor would scream-sing in his car: “You told me once/you’d show up/but I fell for that before I fell to pieces/then I woke up/to no one/just a picture of Jesus/in a house left in pieces.”

5. Distance by Christina Perri & Jason Mraz his has been Laile’s theme for as long as I can remember. Specifically, her feelings toward Greg. (Yes, there’s one love song on here!) She’s loved her best friend for as long as she can remember, and she’s just not sure how much longer she can keep this up. Though she does a good job or keeping her distance, she definitely wants to know: “how long til we call this love, love, love?” 

6. The Riddle by Five for Fighting This was one of the last songs I added to the playlist. In fact, finding a song for Greg was AGONIZING. To the point where I even wrote the rough draft of some lyrics because I was like, “I have to write this boy a theme song because nothing will do.” But then I was listening to my music, and this song came on, and I realized—oh my gosh. This is perfect. This is Greg. Everything from the bitter cynicism about life and struggling to find a meaning in it to the search for the answer to life’s questions/riddles—this is my boy in a nutshell.

7. Everybody Talks by Neon Trees This is probably the most “fun” song on the playlist—and why shouldn’t it be, when it represents one of the most fun characters, Whisper? I’d be lying if I said there was a super deep meaning behind this song. I picked it because of the amazing drop when it says “it started with a WHISPERRRRRR,” and since it’s Whisper’s song, well, it just fit. Plus, the whole playful, almost tongue-in-cheek attitude reminds me of my little sarcastic boy so much. 

8. Thumbs by Sabrina Carpenter Want a deep dive into the rabbit hole that is my brain (and YouTube search history)? You have it here. This was another late addition, and it represents Arana and even Atlantis as a whole. I saw someone on YouTube use this song in a video about generational trauma, and it just fit so perfectly that now I can’t unsee the connection. I love watching this video, getting a glimpse of the queens as they pass, and then imagining Reanna as the last one. What will she do with the legacy Atlantis she was handed? After all, mothers teach their daughters they want to pass down…and Arana may be a villain, but she’s not the first in her line.


9. Villains Aren’t Born (They’re Made) by PEGGY I heard this song and knew immediately that it was Arana’s song. She’s unquestionably a villain, especially in the eyes of her daughter. But what’s so fascinating to me is—what made her like this? She didn’t come out of the womb and immediately start wars. No, at one point, she was a daughter and a sister, a friend, a princess with responsibilities. So how did she get to a place where: “Don’t tell me it’s not fair/Believe me I’ve been there/I’d much rather be alone/if I’m sitting on a/sitting on a/sitting on a throne” became her theme song? You’ll have to read the series and see…

10. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls This is a strange song because it applies to three of my characters just by the sheer level of angst. Reanna, Adam, and Trevor. For each of them, “and I don’t want the world to see me/cuz I don’t think that they’d understand/when everything’s meant to be broken/I just want you to know who I am” means something different and personal. But those lyrics resonate with each of them so deeply that I’d be remiss to leave out this song. Plus, the line “when everything feels like the movies/yeah you bleed just to know you’re alive” is the greatest song lyric ever penned. 😉 And that one, especially, means something tragic for Reanna. 

11. Air For Free by Relient K This begins the tonal shift in the novels. Sure, this is an atmospheric song, very chill and relaxed. But it’s a quiet question: “air for free/and when I sink to the darkest depths/will you be/there for me?/to hold my hand while I hold my breath.” I imagine my characters reaching out, grasping to find each other, searching for the teamwork that will help them see this through. Plus, I had to love the shoutout to “darkest depths.” That’s such an overwhelming theme to my novel that it made this song perfect to start the last arc. 

12. Fight Song by Rachel Platten Enough of the angst, right? We’re on to happy songs. This represents a shift in the arcs of all my characters, and the answer to the question posed in Air for Free. They’ve been beaten down, broken, and hurt. But this song is a rallying cry that leads them on to the final chapters, to the final moments of the series. They will have to band together and learn that they’ve still got a lot of fight left in them. This scrappy, “knock me down I’ll get back up” song just really hits me in the feels when I think about them.

13. Stand By Me by Florence + the Machine I hate to end a playlist with tears, but that’s where we end. This song always makes me cry—specifically, this version, thanks to Final Fantasy (if you know, you know). But it really serves as the quiet, melancholic end of the book and series. Every time I think of it, I picture the final battles, the final sacrifices, the bittersweet emotions this song conjures. I love Florence’s voice as she soars from the lows to the highs, the sheer emotion she packs into each note. You’ve reached the end of the playlist, the end of the book, and, eventually, the end of the series. You’ve faced down fear and vanquished demons. Look around you… who’s standing with you? Who would you ask to be with you in those final moments? This song is for them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into my novel’s playlist. I hope you’ll listen to these songs and get to know my characters and world more through them. Thanks to Kayla for letting me write all this down, and thanks to you for reading it! I hope to see you soon in the Depths of Atlantis.



Author Interview: Hannah Carter

As part of the week-long blog party in celebration of the upcoming release of The Depths of Atlantis, I had the privilege of interviewing the author, Hannah Carter!

Residing in Kentucky, Hannah is an award-winning author. Her flash fiction piece, “A Home for Nova,” won not only Havok’s Prismatic Editor’s Choice award, but also a 2022 Realm Award! She also won the 2022 Writer Games with her flash fiction piece, “Asheward’s Curse,” and her short story, “Lara” won a Reedsy writing contest.

Some fun facts about Hannah:

  • She is a full-time cat mom to Yelena and Lucy.
  • She also occasionally cares for a wild cat named Hamilton (whenever he deems her cool enough to hang out with).
  • She has been to both Hong Kong and Mexico.
  • She wants to one day visit Japan as well as several different European countries.

Continue reading below for our full interview!

Hannah Carter

Q) We are counting down the days for the release of The Depths of Atlantis! For readers who are just joining in, why should they pick-up a copy?

A) Firstly, because it took me 10+ years to work on this, and I thrive on validation that I didn’t waste all my time. 😉 Just kidding! Readers should pick up my books if they love characters that are real, flawed, and struggling. If they like fantasy where the world is both whimsical and dark (is “darkly whimsical” a genre yet?). If they want characters who are Christians, but not everything can be solved with a prayer and God is sometimes hard to see. If they enjoy sarcasm, banter, secret pop culture references, and lots and lots of twists and turns—have I got a series for them! 

I strive to write books that are like “full course dinners.” Books that leave you with that “I’m stuffed, couldn’t read another thing” book hangovers. Ones that open up questions in your mind, leave a lasting impression on you somehow. I want to make them laugh, cry, think—maybe even hate me a little because “did that HAVE to happen?!” 

But I also want to leave them with hope. With feelings of community, of faith, of love. I want them to feel accepted, welcome, and most importantly, like THEY are important and wanted. That they have some place to belong. And if that appeals to them, hey. Maybe they should give my novel a try. 🙂

Q) What song would be the title track for your life?

A) Oh, this is such a hard one for me! Mostly because I have songs for periods of my life, or days, or such. It’s so hard for me to find one that just encapsulates everything! But I have to say, if someone were to write a title track for my life…I’d want it to be something like “Non-Stop” from the musical Hamilton. It’s such an inspiring piece that always makes me want to get out and WRITE! (And I hope one day that I can claim as many writing victories as Alexander Hamilton did…although, maybe without the whole extramarital affair drama.)

Q) If you were turned into a mermaid for 24 hours, how would you spend your day?

A) I love this question so much! I would definitely spend a good chunk of it squealing and singing all the Little Mermaid songs. But I think I’d try and explore the Mariana Trench, because I couldn’t do that as a human. And who knows what might be down there… I would just want to make sure I was back up top by the time my 24 hours expired! 

Q) What is your favorite quote from The Depths of Atlantis?

A) I’ll choose a more serious one, because there are a bunch of bits of banter that I love. But one that has stuck out in my head ever since I wrote it comes from an exchange between Gregory and Reanna, when they’re mourning together over some bad things that have just happened. 

“Some things…can’t be fixed. Sometimes, you have to admit that life takes turns you don’t want, and you have to face it without slithering out of the bad moments.” -Greg

“This is a bad moment. … And the war. Also a bad moment. Lots of bad moments happening right now.” -Reanna

“Yeah. Lots of bad moments happening right now.” -Greg

I just really love the honesty of this exchange. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I have a bad moment, I’m very tempted to slither out of it, to escape into a dream world of my creation and engage in escapism. But sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you just have to sit with the bad feelings, in the bad moments, and just accept the quiet reality of: this is a bad moment. But the good thing about bad moments? 

They always pass, and good moments come, too. 

Q) What is your favorite book trope and why?

A) I am an eternal sucker for “sunshine x grumpy-grump.” I can’t help it—I love it when those sunshine guys or gals finally get their stoic companion to crack and smile. I love the idea of the grumpy-grumps being completely dedicated to their sunshines. I love the idea of the grumpy-grumps only showing their more playful side with the sunshines on rare, very rare, occasions. 

I also love sarcasm and witty banter. If you’ve got all of these—listen, I’ll just eat it up. This is why I love the My Hero Academia ship of Ms. Joke and Aizawa so much, and why Sophie and Howl will forever be one of my favorite book couples, and why I think Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have the best celebrity marriage. 

Q) What do you hope readers take away from the book? 

A) Oh, so much! I want there to be a message that speaks to just them. But I want them to have deep thoughts about forgiveness, faith, right and wrong, self-love…all of these themes are touched upon in one way or another in this book. These characters are going through a difficult, turbulent time, and they each bring in their own baggage that affects how they see the world and themselves. So I hope that readers also learn to see various sides of things, and that, no matter what they have been through, there is always hope on the other side.  

Q) Describe yourself in 3 words. 

A) Socially awkward, nerd, goofy. I’m sure there are other words one could use to describe me, but probably not all of them would be flattering, LOL. But “don’t mind her, she’s just a socially awkward, goofy nerd” would probably be something someone would say about me on the daily! 😉

Q) Can you share any sneak peeks about what readers can expect with the rest of the series?

A) *zips lips so I don’t spoil anything TOO much* The return of a lot of characters from Depths, as well as a few new characters. I get to introduce Laile’s best friend Aimee, as well as Aimee’s little sister, Bria. You’ll get to see some of Reanna’s royal family members, too—and not all of them have her best interests at heart. More of the world—in Twisted Trident, you’ll get to see more of the continent of Solis and the regions around it. 

Lots of secrets and backstories will be exposed. A few tragedies will strike along the way… and maybe I might throw in one or two kisses for the shippers. I won’t say who, though—or if they’re endgame at the end, or why they have to kiss! 😉

Q) What advice do you have for other authors?

A) Honestly, I feel like a broken record, but don’t give up. This is a labor of love that takes years. And as much as it stinks, it is not a fast process. Writing takes patience. Editing takes patience. Pitching takes patience. Waiting takes patience. But sometimes, when the stars align and all the doors just open, you’ll see what God was doing all along. 

And as someone who isn’t good at patience, this was something that I had to struggle with a lot. It felt like every delay in my dreams was God slamming the door in my face and telling me He didn’t love me as much as everyone else. That there was something wrong with me that everyone else had figured out because He was answering their prayers. But that’s a dangerous—not to mention heretical—game to play. God’s love isn’t dependent on anything. And we don’t have to “learn that lesson” or get “everything right” before He blesses us. I still haven’t fixed all my problems or learned that lesson 100%—but I’m still working on that, and my dreams.

So don’t give up. 

And as a final thought: grow a thick skin. Yes, we can be a sensitive lot. But at the end of the day, if you don’t learn to be able to take criticism and setbacks, then you might spend a lot more time giving up and defeating yourself than if you took it in stride. And I say this as a gal who’s been called “sensitive” quite a few times in my life. 🙂 It’s not EASY, but boy, does it help when those obstacles do come. 

Q) Can you tell us about your other work that is available to readers?

A) Sure! First, if you want “first-editions” of Seashells, Seashells: A Christmas Tail, and Amir and the Moon, you might want to pick them up soon. But if you wait, they’re all undergoing lots of edits and are going to be re-published here soon! (*cue fangirling*) 

Some other things you can find my work in:

Go Havok—many of my flash fiction pieces can be found here. With a membership, you can read them all, including “A Home for Nova,” the 2022 Realm Award flash fiction winner! (And “Potts & Pumpkins,” a 2022 Realm Award semi-finalist!)

Anthologies: Fool’s Honor, Sharper than Thorns, The Never Tales: Volume 1, Havok’s Prismatic, Havok’s Casting Call, Havok’s Animal Kingdom, Aphotic Love, Whispers From Before, Calla Press, Finding God in Anime Volumes 1 & 2, Ganbatte!: The Ties That Bind Us, The Depths We’ll Go To, The Heights We’ll Fly To, Willow Tree Swing, Masquerade.

And due out soon—Equinox & Solstice (Dec 2022), The Never Tales: Volume 2 (May 2023), Quill & Flame Mermaid Anthology (May 2023), Twenty Hill’s Valentine’s Anthology (2023)

Novels due out soon: The Twisted Trident (Depths sequel, summer 2023), #ProjectNightmareHunter (Oct 2023). 

Q) Is there anything else you would like to add?

A) Just that I am so thankful to you for inviting me to celebrate the release of Depths with you—and to the readers who give me a chance to entertain or touch them!

Remember to follow Hannah to stay connected! The Depths of Atlantis releases in two days! *cue confetti*

Be sure to follow the blog and look-out for tomorrow’s post with the book’s playlist!

Special Announcement!

*drumroll, please*

As promised, today there is a special announcement! YOU have an opportunity to win your very own copy of The Depths of Atlantis!

Visit the Rafflecopter Giveaway to see how to gain multiple entries into the giveaway! The giveaway will end at 12:00am EST November 4, and the winner will be announced shortly after!

Terms and Conditions:

If the winner is a U.S. resident, they can choose either one physical paperback copy OR one ebook copy of The Depths of Atlantis by Hannah Carter. If the winner is an international resident, they will win one ebook copy of The Depths of Atlantis by Hannah Carter.

By entering the giveaway, you assert that you are at least 18 years of age or have parental permission to enter. The winner, if a U.S. resident that selects the physical book, will have to provide a mailing address. The winner, if a U.S. resident that selects the ebook or an international winner, will have to provide an email address.

Kayla E. Green (The Unicorn Writer), Hannah Carter, and SnowRidge Press are NOT responsible for delayed shipping or lost mail post-giveaway.

Giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram, Facebook, or WordPress.

Character Interview with Reanna from The Depths of Atlantis

Welcome to Day 4 of our blog party celebrating the upcoming release of The Depths of Atlantis by Hannah Carter! Be sure to tune back in tomorrow for a surprise announcement…For today, I have the exciting opportunity to interview the main protagonist, the princess of Atlantis herself, Reanna!

*Reanna enters and joins the Unicorn Writer on stage*

The Unicorn Writer: Welcome, Reanna! I personally LOVE you and your story, and I’m so excited you are here to talk with me and readers today. I know we are all looking forward to learning more about you. To start, what are your favorite hobbies?

Reanna: Thank you so much for having me here, Kayla! I’m kind of amazed you think I’m worth interviewing, because I feel like I’m kind of… boring, I guess? But as far as hobbies go… I like swimming—kind of a given for a once-mermaid, right? I like watching Netflix and movies. I really like calling myself a cinephile, just because it sounds fancier than “I like to sit on the couch and binge watch stuff.” And I love spending time with my mom and sister, too. 

The Unicorn Writer: You have a lot of challenges in your life, including depression and anxiety. What advice would you offer people battling similar demons?

Reanna: First, I’d like to offer them a big hug through the computer screen. I know it can be tough and seem like there’s never going to be an end. I feel like I live in that hopeless way too much. Depression and anxiety can be so separating, right? It makes you feel like you’re a burden if you speak out or that you should have your crap together and you’re a failure if you don’t. So my advice is: don’t. Don’t isolate. Don’t withdraw. Reach out to those you trust most, whoever that is, and, if they truly deserve your heart, let them hold it. Because you’re not alone. 

The Unicorn Writer: You have endured a lot, and it seems that there is much more that will happen in the rest of the series. What would help you most on your journey moving forward (no spoilers)?

Reanna: Hmmm…what would help me most? For my birth mother to become a different person. For her to wake up and realize how awful she’s been and then turn over a new leaf. For her to apologize for everything she’s done and become the best person she could be. I know that’s unrealistic, I know it…but that’s what would help me most. 

The Unicorn Writer: What are your favorite types of books to read, in any dimension? Do you have any favorite titles?

Reanna: My favorite book ever is The Little Prince! I love the philosophy behind it, the quiet gentleness. I think those are the sort of books I love the most, too. Books that feel like a hug. That leave you feeling a little cozy inside—you know what I mean? I guess that means I like aesthetic books the most, maybe? 

As for genre, I’ll read about anything—but it is kind of funny to me to read fantasies and see what people think mermaids and werewolves and elves are like.

The Unicorn Writer: Where is your “happy place”?

Reanna: A calm, relaxing beach where I can hear the waves break against rocks. I can feel the sand beneath my feet, and there’s a lighthouse to my back. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of lighthouses ever since I was a little girl. Anyway, there’s patchy fog as it rolls in, and the scent of fall and saltwater in the air. My family is with me sometimes, and sometimes I’m all alone. I’m in my Spider-Man sweatshirt, and everything is right in the world. 

The Unicorn Writer: If you could have any snack right now and binge watch any Netflix show, what would you pick?

Reanna: Okay, I’m going to bend the rules a little bit—does it have to be a Netflix show? Because I’d kill to watch the first Tobey Maguire Spider-Man trilogy right now, or maybe a Ghibli movie. I’d binge either the Tobey trilogy or Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Spirited Away if I could. But if it has to be a Netflix show… I dunno, maybe see what anime they have? If all else fails, I could always boot up some Murder, She Wrote and relax. 

And I’ve rambled a lot, but you also asked about a snack. A nice PB&J sounds good right about now. 

The Unicorn Writer: What have you learned, or are learning, on your adventures so far?

Reanna: Oh, um… hmm. That’s interesting. I think I probably need to learn a lot of stuff… self-love being one of them. And recognizing my own worth. And not how to be so anxious. But a lot of these are kind of lifelong lessons, so something tells me I may be working on them for a while. 

The Unicorn Writer: Let’s play a quick round of Would You Rather. First, Would you rather outwit Trevor in banter in such a manner he is stupefied speechless for 24 hours or help win the swim championship at school?

Reanna: *laughing* Outwit Trevor, hands down. I mean, swim championships are nice, but a silent, stupefied Trevor? That’d be the best day of my life.

The Unicorn Writer: Would you rather have to ride a roller coaster next to a stranger or talk in front of a looming, intimidating crowd (like the Council)?

Reanna: *chuckling nervously* Roller coaster—at least it’s over kinda quickly, right?  

The Unicorn Writer: Would you rather swim with a dolphin or explore a dark, damp tunnel of unknown length alone?

Reanna: EW! These are my two worst fears ever. Is “neither” an option? …No? Urk, okay. Uh… swim with a dolphin, maybe? As much as I hate them, I’d rather deal with the devil that I know than the devil I don’t.

The Unicorn Writer: Last one. Would you rather go on a mountain hike every Saturday for the rest of forever or fight a creature from Fiastro once but with no back-up?

Reanna: Fight a creature once but with no back-up. I mean, I’d probably die, but at least it’d be a quick death… whereas hiking every Saturday would be a slow, torturous death sentence that dragged on for years…

The Unicorn Writer: If you could tell any one person anything, what would you say and to whom?

Reanna: Tell them anything, not ask? Hmm. I would tell my adopted mom—my real mom, even if it isn’t biological—how much she means to me. Like, really means to me. She is the best human being in any dimension. She saved me, and I’m sorry for all the crap I’ve put her through as an angsty teenager. She means the world to me, and I want to tell her everything I’ve held back. All my secrets, everything about Gaia, my birth mother…I’d tell her everything. *getting a little choked up* Just so she knows. And make sure she knows how much I love her. 

The Unicorn Writer: Our time together is coming to a close. Thank you for being here today! Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Reanna: Wow, is our time over that quickly? I had so much fun with you today, Kayla. I guess that I’d like to add that I hope that everyone who is struggling with something today reaches out if they need it. You’re not alone—we’re all in this together, you know? Cue the High School Musical karaoke. 🙂

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Character Interview with Laile and Gregory from The Depths of Atlantis

The celebration of the upcoming release of The Depths of Atlantis by Hannah Carter continues today with more character interviews! Join me as we welcome our next guests, Laile and Gregory.

*audience applauds as the characters enter stage and sit*

The Unicorn Writer: Welcome, Laile and Gregory! Your banter in Depths is one of my favorite things about the book. I know the readers, along with myself, are eager to get to know you both better. To start, how did you two meet and become best friends?

Laile: *grinning* First off, I’m honored to be one of your favorite parts of Depths. I am pretty adorable and hilarious, if I do say so yourself.

Gregory: And humble, too.

Laile: *rolling her eyes* Anyway, I don’t remember ever not knowing Gregory. Our parents were very close, so we were kind of thrust on each other from a young age.

Gregory: I feel the same. It feels like Laile is always there in all my earliest memories. Even our birthdays are only a few months apart. But I’d say we became very close when her parents started taking care of me after my parents died. My grandmother is still alive, but she’s elderly and I know she was overwhelmed trying to take care of both me and my little sister. Cynerra and Damien have taught me so much, and they made me feel like part of the family.

Laile: But not, like, as a son. We didn’t adopt him or anything. That would be weird. *laughing nervously* I mean, I definitely don’t see you as a brother. You don’t see me as a sister, do you?

Gregory: Oh, no. 

*uncomfortable silence*

Laile: Anyway, next question?

The Unicorn Writer: How would the other fare on missions without the other?

Gregory: Laile would fare exceptionally well. As a Council-ordained guardian, she’s had years of training and worked very hard. She’s also a gem fairy, which means that she can manipulate the earth—dirt and such. She can even transmute the ground and turn it into jewels. She prefers to use diamond weapons. All in all, I’d say she is very formidable—the only thing she needs me for is to remind her that, on a top secret mission, she should not be humming. And singing will definitely give away your position to the enemy.

Laile: *grinning, blushing a little* Oh, come on, Greg. I couldn’t do half of what I could do without you. He’s a phenomenal wizard and alchemist. My mom’s one of the best alchemists in the world, and I’m a less-than-stellar protégé. But Gregory excels on my behalf.

Gregory: Oh, I’m still leagues behind Cynerra. I just enjoy learning from the masters of the crafts.

Laile: Well, you’d do fine on a mission without me. But—you probably shouldn’t ever attempt it. We’re the dynamic duo, you know? Always together.

Gregory: …*clearing his throat*… Ah, yes. Next question, please. 

The Unicorn Writer: Laile, you are a guardian. Can you explain the importance of that title and what you did to earn it?

Laile: I’d love to! So, basically what a guardian means is that I am a Council-ordained bodyguard of sorts. Whenever there are people in need: be it high-profile politicians, people in danger, orphans, or other vulnerable souls—the Council will appoint a guardian to take care of them. I knew from the time I was, mm, maybe—seven, I think?—that I wanted to be a guardian. So I studied lots of diplomacy, geography, various cultures, and passed an aptitude test with my gem fairy skills. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but with my family’s position in the Capital, my age, and the fact that I begged and pleaded a lot

Gregory: Not to mention that the war has drained pretty much all of the Council’s other soldiers and guardians…

Lalie: *shooting him a stink-eye* Ahem. Like I said, the Council appointed me to be Reanna’s guardian. And I’m not going to waste this chance to go down in history as one of the youngest guardians ever. I’m going to do something really grand. 

Gregory: I didn’t mean to imply that Laile was in no way capable or that they’re scraping the bottom of the cauldron when they picked her. But these are highly unusual circumstances, so I’m sure that had something to do with it as well.

Laile: *sweating, mentally putting extra pressure on herself to prove her worth* Ha…um…yeah, next question, please!

The Unicorn Writer: Gregory, is there a magical skillset you want to acquire in your repertoire of spells?

Gregory: Oh, I’m glad you asked!

Laile: And I’m not. We’re gonna be here forever now…

Gregory: One thing I’ve been fascinated by lately are the lost arts. See, years and years ago, before wizards and witches came to the continent of Solis, they lived on reclusive islands. It’s rumored that they could do many things other magical races could not—mind read and speak, use telekinesis, give prophecies, even talk to zephyrs and other spirits—but years of persecution and hiding our magic made these skills more and more rare. Now, we rely mostly on spells to accomplish anything, but we’re not nearly as powerful as the elves. It’s a shame that our more unique talents have been lost. I’d give almost anything to meet someone who could train me in the lost arts.

Laile: Wow, I’ll be honest. That was a shorter answer than I thought we’d get. One time I think he lectured me on the lost arts for two hours—no joke.

The Unicorn Writer: What’s your favorite part of your journey so far (no spoilers!)?

Laile: Meeting Reanna! I’ve idolized her ever since I was a little girl. When she first ran away, I was seven years old, and the story captured my imagination. I mean, a runaway mermaid princess—what wasn’t to love? Now, getting to meet her… it’s surreal. And to know that I’m her guardian… I don’t even know how to process it. It just makes me so excited! 

Gregory: Getting to learn new spells with Laeserno. It’s not every day that a spellcaster gets to train under an elf, and I just want to soak up all his knowledge. Even if he is just a violinist, and not the most advanced magic wielder of his kind.

The Unicorn Writer: On Earth, specifically in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of the month of November – which starts in just a few days. It’s a holiday where we acknowledge things and blessings in life we are thankful for. Can each of you tell me the three things you are most thankful for?

Gregory: Obviously, Laile and her family. I don’t know where I would be without them. My family—my sister and my grandmother. 

Laile: And don’t forget friends. I wouldn’t want to live without all my best friends—Greg, Aimee, and now Reanna. Sometimes, I’m more thankful for them than I am my own family. I mean, have you met my brother Kal and my sisters Wren and Lark? Some days I want to ship them out to Fiastro. But I’d probably rescue them before a cannibalistic centaur ate them.


The Unicorn Writer: What have you learned, or are learning, on your adventures so far?

Laile: I’ve learned a few shocking secrets about my mom…does that count?

Gregory: And I’ve learned some new alchemy skills…but I don’t think that’s exactly what you’re asking for.

Hannah: Don’t worry. They’ll both learn a lot of things during their adventures…they just can’t share because of spoilers. 😉

The Unicorn Writer: Let’s play a quick round of Would You Rather! First, would you rather fight Atlantean guards with no backup or face a cannibalistic centaur?

Gregory: Oh, that is a hard one. But probably Atlantean guards, solely because centaurs themselves are almost extinct. I don’t encourage the cannibalistic tendencies they’re rumored to have—at least in some sects—but I don’t want to fight a dying magical race.

Laile: Yeah, but if you do fight one—you’d automatically become a legend, just like my mom. So I’m going to have to pick the cannibalistic centaur. I wouldn’t kill it, though. Just knock it around a little. Maybe build it a nice diamond prison cage before it ate me.

The Unicorn Writer: Would you rather be remembered in history for something misinterpreted as bad or forgotten as an integral part of doing something good?

Gregory: Forgotten as an integral part of doing something good. As long as I can go to sleep proud of my choices, then that’s all I ask.

Laile: *sweating* Mmhmm…

Gregory: *rolling his eyes* I know. You’d much rather be remembered in history for doing something misinterpreted as bad, wouldn’t you?

Laile: Well—she did say misinterpreted! And that means that I did the right thing at the time. So I can still live with myself, even if my reputation is sullied. And if I’m controversial, all the more people will talk about me. I’ll probably even get hundreds of books written about me, each discussing me in a different light, and you know how it goes—eventually almost all villains are seen as the heroes. 

Gregory: *dryly* Mmhmm.

Laile: *fanning herself* Haaaa… next question, please! 

The Unicorn Writer: Would you rather lose all magic for 24 hours or trade abilities with each other for 48 hours?

Gregory: Trade abilities for 48 hours. I’d love to see what it’s like to be a fairy.

Laile: I’d say the same. I’d like to cast an ignis spell for once, or do something that didn’t require dirt.

The Unicorn Writer: Last one. Would you rather forget to bring snacks with you on a long journey or get rained on for a majority of the long journey?

Gregory: It depends. Are you counting all food items as snacks, or would I still be able to have big meals? If I’m still able to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I’d pick forgetting to bring snacks. But if the snacks are the only thing I can eat, it wouldn’t do me much good to have a sunny trip, because I’d die of starvation, anyway.

Laile: Excellent point, but it doesn’t change my answer in the slightest. I’d pick get rained on. I can always shrink myself down to a crystalline size, and water just slides right off of my diamond body when I do that. But really—a trip without snacks? That’s not any sort of trip I want to be on.

The Unicorn Writer: If you could share anything with each other, right now, what would that be?

Laile: *sweating even more now* Oh, uh… I…flying fig-whits.

Gregory: …*clearing his throat* …You’re stepping on my foot.

Laile: OH! Sorry, sorry—um, next question, please! 

The Unicorn Writer: Our time together is coming to a close. Thank you both for being here today! Is there anything else either of you would like to add? 

Gregory: Just—thank you, Kayla, for hosting us, and for throwing a week long party celebrating Depths of Atlantis. We really appreciate it.

Laile: Yes! And thank you to the readers for coming out to learn more about us. I hope you’ll pick up a copy of Depths to read all about our adventures.

Gregory: Thank you!

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Character Interview with Trevor and Adam from The Depths of Atlantis

As part of the Blog Party in celebration of Hannah Carter’s debut YA fantasy novel releasing November 2, today I get to sit down and chat with the characters Trevor and Adam (accompanied by Hannah of course)!

The Unicorn Writer: Welcome, Trevor and Adam! I know the readers, along with myself, are eager to get to know you both better. To start, describe each other in three words.

Trevor: Hufflepuff feral cat.

Adam: That’s literally not what the assignment was. It’s not to make a sentence; it’s to pick three words. Like this: prat, obnoxious, jock.

Trevor: Are those your three for me or just three examples?

Adam: Take a wild guess.

Trevor: And here I was trying to be nice. Can I adjust my three? Feral, stubborn, jerk. No, wait—I can’t forget that you’re a sappy puppy-dog around Reanna, either.

Adam: I am not!

Trevor: You literally are. Your crush is so obvious. Can obvious be a word?

Adam: You get three words. You’re way past the limit! And—I do not have a crush on Reanna.

Trevor: *humming Can You Feel the Love Tonight*

Adam: *burying his red face in his hands* Can we please just move on? Please?

The Unicorn Writer: What do you think each other’s best feature is?

Adam: I mean, he’s got nice eyes, I guess.

Trevor: *cackling* Dude. I am 99% sure she means personality.

Adam: *sputtering* Well—I—I mean—I thought it was weird…

Trevor: *dying too much to even answer*

Adam: *blushing and trying furiously to leave the interview or die*

Hannah: All right, I’ll answer for both of them. I think Adam likes Trevor’s humor, and Trevor likes how much Adam cares. But since they’ll never admit it, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The Unicorn Writer: Now, describe Reanna, the main character, in three words.

Trevor: Ditzy, smol—that’s smol spelled S-M-O-L—and whatever the word is for people who will chase a butterfly and fall in a hole. Most likely to be abducted because she believes the guys in the white van really have candy?

Adam: Gullible, maybe? Naïve?

Trevor: See, even Lover Boy agrees with me.

Adam: *blushing* NO! That—I wasn’t agreeing with you! I was trying to give you the word you were looking for!

Trevor: Really? Say that I’m wrong.

Adam: Well—she’s tender-hearted. That’s my first word. And…

Trevor: And what we see here now is a man trying furiously to not expose his crush in front of the whole world.

Adam: Shut up. You’re such a jerk. Maybe I should have used that back on question number one!

Hannah: BOYS. DO NOT MAKE ME STEP IN HERE. FOCUS. Put that one brain cell you guys share to work.

Trevor: It’s not me. It’s Lover Boy over there that’s holding us up.

Adam: *crossing his arms, scowling* Fine. Tender-hearted, imaginative, and loving.

The Unicorn Writer: What motivates your feelings toward Reanna?

Adam: That’s so easy. Because she’s wonderful. Because she’s so giving and caring—she’ll do anything for anybody because she loves them that much. And she just doesn’t see that she is, and she doesn’t ever care about herself, so somebody’s gotta do it for her, and—

Trevor: *clearing his throat* I’m Reanna’s teacher in the School of Hard Knocks. The first time I ever met her, she chased a butterfly, fell in a hole, and sprained her ankle. Both Adam and Reanna need me. I swear, at the wedding, I better get half the gifts because I’m the one that kept them both alive this long.

Adam: Shut up! I’m not in love with Reanna!

Trevor: Oh, sure. You were about to write a novel if I hadn’t interrupted.

Adam: *grumbling under his breath* 

The Unicorn Writer: What’s your favorite part of your journey so far (no spoilers!)?

Trevor: As much as I complain about the company, learning fencing isn’t half bad. Maybe one day I’ll be able to pull off some sweet Legend of Zelda cosplay or something with my newfound skills.

Adam: …I dunno. I guess I kinda like hanging out with Trevor. Sometimes. Kind of. Maybe.

Trevor: Aw, are we gonna kiss a little?

Adam: Shut UP! I can’t even do anything nice for you. Whatever, scratch it off. My new answer is hanging out with Reanna, whenever that happens.

Trevor: *humming Can You Feel the Love Tonight louder*

Adam: *burying his face again* I swear I’m gonna kill you one day. I swear it.

The Unicorn Writer: If you had a magical power, what would you like it to be and why?

Adam: Oh, easy. I’d want to be a water manipulator. Kinda like a water-bender from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Trevor: Mmm…nah. Think bigger. You didn’t give any parameters, right? So I’m thinking something like Doctor Strange, or even Zelda or Sheik. Just total magic control, no spells, nothing. Just think and it happens. I could literally do whatever I wanted.

Adam: And you’d probably still only use it to score touchdowns.

The Unicorn Writer: What have you learned, or are learning, on your adventures so far?

Adam: First off, you’re asking the wrong person that question. Trevor doesn’t learn.

Trevor: DUDE! It was literally my turn to go first!

Adam: Really? And what would your answer have been, oh-wise-Gandalf? Because aside from how to be a bigger nuisance, I don’t think you’ve learned a single thing.

Trevor: Wrong. I’ve learned how annoying you are, for starters.

Adam: *rolling his eyes* I didn’t have to learn that. I already knew it.

*sounds of them bickering back and forth for a good five minutes, all redacted for our sanity*

Hannah: Boys, I swear. Answer the question or I will spill all your dark secrets right here and now.

Trevor: *clearing his throat* Umm. I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to the world than I thought.

Adam: *shifting nervously* And that there’s more to people than I thought if I just give them a chance. 

The Unicorn Writer: Let’s play a quick round of Would You Rather. First, would you rather play football or learn fencing?

Adam: Fencing. At least people won’t tackle me and give me so many concussions that I’m as arrogant and stubborn as Trevor.

Trevor: That’s funny—me, stubborn? You’re the stubborn one.

Adam: I’m not nearly half as stubborn as you. You’re like talking to a brick wall.

Trevor: And you’re like talking to a feral cat that’s just had a bucket of water dumped on them.

Adam: That sounds like some weird Southern expression.

Trevor: *sarcastically* Aw, bless your lil’ heart. Anyway, football—but if it was real sword combat, I’d pick that.

The Unicorn Writer: Face Smaug or fight orcs?

Adam: Face Smaug. I think I relate to Bilbo more than Frodo, if I’m being honest. And not just because he’s played by Martin Freeman, who is one of my favorite actors.

Trevor: That’s totally why you chose it. And you are a Bilbo. But I’m more like Aragorn, so I’m gonna say fight orcs. Imagine how cool I’d look, surrounded by all these orcs, just slaying one after another, Aragorn style.

Adam: Please ignore my friend, Viggo Mortensen is his man-crush.

Trevor: Dude, please. You’re blind if Viggo Mortensen isn’t your man-crush. Tell me you wouldn’t give your left big toe to become Aragorn.

The Unicorn Writer: Drink water or something with caffeine?

Adam: I’m…um…not allowed to have stuff with caffeine usually. It makes me too wired.

Trevor: Heaven help us. I don’t even want to know what you’re like wired if this is your normal.

Adam: *curling in on himself and casting shifty glances at Trevor*

Trevor: But, for the record, I’d probably choose water, too. I’m not too big on soft drinks, but sometimes I like Coca-Cola or something like that.

The Unicorn Writer: Kiss your nemesis or slap your best friend?

Adam: Um, I don’t have a nemesis, unless you’re talking about Trevor.

Trevor: You did say I have pretty eyes.

Adam: Shut UP!

Trevor: *cackling* Well, I do have a nemesis, and I’d pick slapping Martin, my best friend, on the football field any day.

Adam: Ew. Why do football players slap each other’s butts? That’s just so weird.

Trevor: Hold on—I never said the butt. I mean, a nice helmet slap will suffice.

The Unicorn Writer: If you were dropped in the middle of Fiastro together and were only given a bag with three items of your request in it, then what would those items be?

Trevor: First off, where the heck is Fiastro?

Adam: *rolling his eyes* It’s the desert area west of Capital City.

Trevor: Oh. Then, probably some water and a gun. And some clothes so that I can look like Rick from The Mummy. You know, I’m pretty sure he’s my celebrity look-alike.

Adam: You wish you were as good looking as Brendan Fraser.

Trevor: What are you talking about? We’re practically twins.

Adam: Are you serious? Brendan Fraser is an icon. A legend. S-tier. And you are…you.

Trevor: *scowling* Yeah, whatever. Shut up and answer the question for yourself.

Adam: Okay, fine. For me, I’d want some magnets—three of them—so I could open up a transportation portal and get out of there.

Trevor: You and your portals. Why not some water or a gun?

Adam: You really wanna face the cannibalistic centaurs after dark?

Trevor: Understood, portal us out of here. *rolling his eyes* Gaia is weird.

The Unicorn Writer: Our time together is coming to a close. Thank you both for being here today! Is there anything else either of you would like to add? 

Adam: Thank you for having us today, Kayla! I hope we didn’t cause too much trouble.

Trevor: And remember, definitely include that bit where Adam broke into hysterical wailing about how much he loved Reanna in between questions three and four. I know he said to strike it from the record, but I really think for posterity, we should—

*sounds of scuffling as Adam tackles Trevor*

Adam: Shut UP! I never did that!

Hannah: It’s okay; I’ve got them. Thank you, Kayla, for interviewing these two idiots. I really appreciate it—and don’t worry. I’ll round them up before they hurt anything.

*more sounds of fighting in the background*

Hannah: 😅😅😅

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The Depths of Atlantis Release Week Celebration!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Though I usually share on Saturdays, today marks the start of a special celebration. One week from today, The Depths of Atlantis by Hannah Carter releases through SnowRidge Press! Now through release on November 2, I will be sharing special blog features daily to help celebrate!*

What’s this YA Fantasy Book About?

Book Blurb: Many kids run away. Reanna did, too: only she went to another dimension.

Reanna may have bartered away her mermaid tail for a one-way ticket to Earth, but apparently, her mother—the queen of Atlantis—didn’t get the message. Now Reanna finds herself kidnapped and back on the dimension of Gaia, where a whole continent is in danger, caught up in a war over her fate.

The longer Reanna runs away from her mother, the more desperate and barbaric Queen Arana becomes. And when Reanna learns of the Queen enslaving countless elves in concentration camps, Reanna knows that she can’t let her fear define her decisions. If she doesn’t step up, she will forfeit not only her own life, but also the lives of the elves and her new friends—including two boys from earth, whose past and futures are inexplicably tied to hers.

Along with her new friends, Reanna sets out to stop the war, reclaim her mermaid tail, and rescue the captive elves, all before the rest of the world sinks to the depths of Atlantis.

Blog Party Schedule

  • Thursday, October 27: Character Interview with Trevor and Adam
  • Friday, October 28: Character Interview with Laile and Gregory
  • Saturday, October 29: Character Interview with Reanna
  • Sunday, October 30: Surprise Announcement
  • Monday, October 31: Author Interview with Hannah Carter
  • Tuesday, November 1: The Depths of Atlantis Playlist
  • Wednesday, November 2: Release Day!

Praise for The Depths of Atlantis

“There are no words to describe Depths of Atlantis, but I’m going to try anyway. This book sucked me in from the first page, and Hannah’s unique voice and style will keep you hooked until long after you reach the end. Even when I wasn’t reading it, her characters and their struggles rested in the back of my mind. Her characterization skills are on point and absolutely incredible! Hannah has the ability to create memorable and relatable heroes (and villains) that can resonate with any reader. The worldbuilding of Solis is fantastically unique and gripping. The world allows for this manic, heart-ripping plot that will twist your emotions inside out and upside down in one go. To say this book has changed my life is an understatement. I was fortunate enough to read it at a time when I needed some sign that I was doing the right thing, and Hannah’s amazing protagonists were able to voice what I was going through. Depths of Atlantis is a must-read for all ages, readers and non-readers. This high-stakes adventure is gorgeous and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to fall in love with it as I have.” – Maseeha Seedat

The Depths of Atlantis is a captivating story that pulls readers in immediately with conflict, tension, and angst, and keeps readers hooked with witty banter, relatable characters, and incredible world-building. Hannah’s ability to elicit so much emotion from the reader is an admirable talent. While reading, I felt a multitude of emotions — I laughed, smirked, gasped, cried — and more than that, I saw myself and my own struggles within the words on the pages. The backstories and depth of the characters are so well-crafted, and I just know that Reanna, Adam, Trevor, Laile, Gregory, really the whole cast, are going to help so many people who, like me, resonate with their pain, their struggles, the bad, but also the good, too. The Depths of Atlantis is a must read for fans of fantasy with such tropes as reluctant hero, evil queen, an important quest, and magic; further, anyone who needs a reminder that being loved is possible, even after a lifetime of feeling like they are unworthy or undeserving of love, will find both peace and hope in the first installment of The Atlantis Trilogy. I delightfully, yet impatiently, await the rest of the story, as will all readers.” – Kayla E. Green, author of Aivan: The One Truth

There’s Still Time to Pre-Order!

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*The normal Saturday posts will resume following the blog party’s conclusion on November 2.