Hope Amid the Pain by Leslie L. McKee

Guest Post by Leslie L. McKee Introduction Life can become overwhelming. Often, it is easy to feel alone–to feel that no one understands. It is comforting to remember that despite our emotions, God has not abandoned us. Additional comfort is found in community that lifts us closer to truths found in God’s love. Author LeslieContinue reading “Hope Amid the Pain by Leslie L. McKee”

Into the Unknown by Nikki Hertzler

Guest Post by Nikki Hertzler Introduction Some of the most rewarding things I have found are connection and community. Earlier this year, I connected with fellow Christian author Nikki Hertzler. Nikki is an author, speaker, educator, and foster parent who’s work is a testimony to others as she has embraced God’s calling for her life.Continue reading “Into the Unknown by Nikki Hertzler”

“A Stone’s Throw” by Anne J. Hill

Guest Post Submission by Anne J. Hill Introduction It’s always wonderful to connect with other like-minded writers and bond over similar interests and good stories. Anne J. Hill is an author and the founder of Twenty Hills Publishing. Earlier this year, Anne was interviewed for our Inside Indie Publishing feature where she shares insights intoContinue reading ““A Stone’s Throw” by Anne J. Hill”

Seven Tips to Tackle Writer’s Block

Seven Tips to Tackle Writer’s Block, written by Brittany Eden Introduction: Tackle Writer’s Block I personally don’t believe in writer’s block. If that is a shock to you, I’m sorry, but I don’t. I believe writing comes from who weare—somewhere deep inside that’s beautiful and deep and sometimes scary—and if there aren’t words as aContinue reading “Seven Tips to Tackle Writer’s Block”

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