A swivet is a riptide.

Panic consumes you.

How do you stop from drowning?

Hopelessness smothers

You need to reach out

But exhaustion weighs you down.

It’s Purgatory

Your soul is crushed, confined.

You can’t escape.

Life’s despondency.

You don’t want to die

But you can’t go on living.

Published by Kayla E. Green

Kayla E. Green is a school librarian, speculative fiction author, and poet. When she isn’t writing, reading, or going on adventures with her husband, she loves singing loudly and off-key to KLove Radio, snuggling her dogs, and pretending she’s a unicorn. Her award-winning YA fantasy novella, Aivan: The One Truth, and her inspirational poetry collection, Metamorphosis, are now available through book retailers. Kayla also has stories and poems featured in various anthologies. Follow The Unicorn Writer's blog for book reviews, author interviews, writing advice, and more bookish fun!

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