Book Review: Brayden’s Darkness by S. L. Abbott

I can sum up my experience reading Brayden’s Darkness by S. L. Abbott in short: When is book two being released?! Fans of YA Fantasy will simply fall in love with Evren and Brayden, and find that the book is difficult to set down.

Brayden’s Darkness (ISBN: 978-1-7332353-0-3) follows Evren, a sweet and shy Fae, who catches the eye of two handsome young Fae at a bonfire. However, one’s intentions are far from pure and the other has a dark power lurking within him that he struggles to control. Evren must discover who she can trust with her heart, and her life, before it is too late.

Abbott’s style of writing helps you get lost in Evren’s world, allowing you to forget you are even reading. She does a fantastic job of establishing the fantasy world within the simple town of Rowen. Through her vivid descriptions, you feel that you are with Evren in every scene.

One of the things I liked best about this fantasy was the romance element. I was on the edge of me seat waiting for Evren to make the “right” choice. And when Evren went to the Masquerade Ball? Holy moly was I hooked to every word on the page! You will have to read yourself to know what I’m talking about — I don’t want to spoil it by saying too much!

Abbott also has a short story “Tantalizing and Tormenting” which is a different perspective of my personal favorite scene in the book (the Masquerade Ball). It is also a great read, and currently available on Kindle Unlimited.

I sincerely enjoyed this book, and I have no qualms with it other than that there isn’t more (yet). If you enjoy fantastical elements and love stories, this book is for you.

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