Short Story Review: Hannah Carter’s “Amir and the Moon” & “Seashells”

Hannah Carter is a gifted writer with two short stories available online. Her characters’ voices create real emotion for the reader, and once you begin reading Carter’s work, she will quickly become one of your favorite authors.

I first fell in love with Carter’s narrative through reading “Amir and the Moon.” This short story is a retelling of Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. The story begins with Amir, a bad Jinni. Well, he strives to be bad, just like his ancestor the diabolical Blue Jinni, but he struggles — he’s a bad bad Jinni. His incompetency gets him thrown overboard into the sea, which is where the heart of the story begins. A little mermaid named Moon discovers his lamp and decides to have Amir help her win the heart of her one true love, Prince Takeshi. However, with his efforts to be a bad Jinni, Amir’s angst and antics create obstacles for Moon. Yet, Amir proves to not be all bad — you must read it to understand what I mean!

I loved so much about this story — Amir’s inner dialogue made me giggle out loud, and the character development made me connect with the plot and really invest in the story. The ending brought me to tears, and I couldn’t wait to read more of Carter’s work. That led me to her short story “Seashells.”

“Seashells” follows a young imaginative girl named Sariah, who is whisked away to the beach to spend the summer with Nanny Eleanor, her grandmother. Sariah first questions why she is so unlucky to be with the strict and proper Nanny Eleanor, but after an amazing discovery Sariah realizes just how lucky she is. Sariah works with her grandmother to save a young merman, who Sariah names George. Can Sariah conjure up her inner pirate and keep George safe from those that hunt him?

This story of growing up and learning about what it means to be a friend made me fall in love with mermaids. Again, Carter’s narrative moved me to tears and her character development made it where I struggled to put the story down before completion.

I 10/10 would recommend Carter’s short stories, and I cannot wait to read more from this author. See the links below to get your copy of Carter’s amazing works!

Get your copy of “Amir and The Moon” here!


Get your copy of “Seashells” here!




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