Book Review: Claimed by Nicole Adamz

Claimed: The Land of Schism Book One is an epic fantasy for young and new adult readers that follows the first-person perspectives of two Elysians, Ari and Maewyn. The story is full of deception, betrayal, twists, and darkness that will captivate the reader.

The fantasy world of Claimed (ISBN: 9781734389319) is quite complex. For example, Maewyn is the Second-Born Story Weaver and as such is a talented Caelum. However, Ari, Maewyn’s Tyro (assistant), has yet to have her talent manifest. Both Elysians have secrets, in addition to the challenges their standing brings. Ari is a believer of the True One and is trying to save enough dosh (money) to rescue the Anomaly that helped raise her. Due to her religion (which she must keep secret), Ari is very modest and conservative. Maewyn, on the other hand, is very fashionable and highly social. Maewyn’s first secret is that she must do the bidding of her cruel family — a family that doesn’t care who gets hurt as long as their social standing increases. Despite their secrets and their differences, the two Elysians are friends. Or are they? “Betrayal begins with a choice.”

I enjoyed the detailed fantasy world that Adamz creates, though it did take some time to understand the dynamics of the world. I was initially wary of seeing there were two first-person characters, but Adamz does an eloquent job of character and plot development through her style of writing. I found myself on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next with both Ari and Maewyn. I’m excited to read book 2 to see how the story continues to unfold.

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