Cover Reveal:  A Queen’s Throne: Iron Lotus Series Book One By Nicole Adamz & Brooke Chastain

I am SO EXCITED to be part of the cover reveal for A Queen’s Throne: Iron Lotus Series Book One by Nicole Adamz and Brooke Chastain! This book is AMAZING and I can’t wait to share my review with you (will be posted July 25 at 8:00am). For now, check out the book’s blurb, and then check out the BEAUTIFUL cover! The book will be available July 17 on Amazon!

Book Blurb: 

Sometimes love comes second to need.

Zhēnzhū hates being poor, but she loves her family. A vague shadow clings to her family after one decision by her father sent the Méilís into poverty, and they never recovered. Now, her father is fighting in a war raging inside of Milgrim: one side promotes reckless advancement of technology while the other side urges caution. The responsibility of keeping the family together falls on Zhēnzhū’s mother and the four girls.

As the eldest daughter, Zhēnzhū takes her duty seriously but can’t help yearning for more. When Zhēnzhū is accused of something she didn’t do, her job is placed in jeopardy. Desperate, Zhēnzhū struggles to forge a new path but becomes entangled with two men. Both offer her a chance at a different life, but she isn’t sure what choice to make. Clinging to the past, and hope for the future, Zhēnzhū’s troubled heart makes a surprising discovery.

Will her final choice help her family?


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