Book Review: Heir of Lies by Mallory McCartney

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I am so happy to be part of the Book Review Tour for Heir of Lies by Mallory McCartney! Special thanks to Fictional Friends for hosting!

Heir of Lies is a YA/NA epic fantasy centered around The Academy, a special school for individuals with unique abilities. Though created with pure intentions, dark secrets will result in betrayal, chaos, and war; and The Academy is at the center of it all. Caught between their parents’ politics, Emory Fae and Adair Stratton, with the help of Brokk and Memphis, must discover the truth – but what will happen when the truth is discovered? One dark decision sets in motion a dangerous fate for all those involved.

Before I share my review, I want to share some of my favorite quotes from the book! McCartney has an excellent way with words and I found myself mesmerized by her descriptive prose.

  • “She was born with the fury of the sea, with the resilience of the rocks the water crashed upon.”
  • “He was drowning in the stormy seas of his fears, and she was his anchor. Had always been his anchor.”
  • “…relief washed over him. It was like returning home after being caught in a storm.”
  • “You’re executing penalties leading with your heart and not your logic. That’s a dangerous dance to take part in.”
  • “But in a way, he liked the reminder of what he had gone through and survived. Each hot flash of pain, each strained movement reminded him that he was stronger. That at the start of each day he would carry on, bearing his scars like a shield and not a poison that would cripple him.”
  • “She had always been a flaming spark when things went dark.”
  • “It takes a dreamer to know a dreamer. You and I aren’t that different.”
  • “And it was her – had always been her.”
  • “That’s the beauty of life, my friend, you will never know until you try, if it’s right or not.”
  • “Fire met ice, ice met ash, and stars erupted from the clash of might that shuddered through the room.”
  • “…Greatness comes down to a person’s decisions and what they choose to stand by.”
  • “To have lost everything but have the hope to rebuild the future is the strongest weapon in the world.”
  • “For you, my dear. To remind you that you are never alone.”
  • “She might be an heir built on lies, but she was the rightful queen, nonetheless.”
  • “…the heart doesn’t forget, even if the mind does.”

I love McCartney’s writing style! Though labeled an epic fantasy, there is also a lot of dark magic and darker themes present in the story. The heartbreak and struggles of who turns out to be the main antagonist provides a clear “origin story.” However, I will say I struggled with everyone being in love with the same girl – I wanted to know why everyone fell for her, but I never got my answer. HOWEVER, McCartney does an excellent job portraying how love can evolve and change over time AND showcasing different forms of love.

I also really enjoyed the main plot. As I said, McCartney does an excellent job with her prose. In addition, I liked the element of portal fantasy present in the story line! Plus, there is a wolf-shifter (who happens to be one of my favorite characters). The ending is a cliff-hanger and has left me interested in seeing how the series continues. Overall, I rate the book 3.5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book to New Adult readers who enjoy darker epic fantasies. Note there is some mild language in the book.

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