Book Review: Ruth and Naomi Whithersoever Thou Goest by Toni Sorenson

“I trust in what will be.”

My most recent audiobook was Ruth and Naomi: Whitersoever Thou Goest written by Toni Sorenson and read by Luone Ingram. This was one of my first experiences with Biblical fiction, and I have to say I absolutely loved it!

The story follows Naomi, devoted wife of Elimelech and mother to twins Malan and Killian. Living in Israel under the Moabites is a hard life for Naomi’s family – there is little food and much oppression. When Moabite soldiers kidnap a young girl, Elimelech decides to rescue her from the king’s clutches sparing her from being sacrificed to a false idol. However, his heroic decision leads to the king demanding Elimelech to serve him in Moab. Naomi and her sons follow Elimelech to Moab, leaving behind their home in Bethlehem. But Naomi vows not to leave her God behind. As Malan and Killian grow up, they find favor with the king and each marry one of the king’s daughters, Ruth and Orpah. But a series of tragedies leave Naomi, Orpah, and Ruth all widowed. Through great devotion, Ruth becomes the daughter Naomi never had and both women find happiness through God’s blessings.

This is a beautiful story of faith, family, and redemption. Sorenson provides excellent crafting of characters from scripture and creates a a vivid world of Christian history. Ingram makes the story come alive with her expressiveness and different character voices. Just shy of 10 hours, you are guaranteed to be entertained while you listen for God’s word through Sorenson’s writing. Personally, I hope I serve my own mother as justly as Ruth served Naomi – their relationship was beautifully told. Please excuse me while I go call my mom…Overall, I give this book 5/5 stars, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Biblical fiction or simply good books.

Audible cover of Ruth and Naomi: Withersoever Thou Goest.

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