Book Review: Legend of the Rainbow Eater by Kristiana Sfirlea

Have you had a chance to read Legend of the Storm Sneezer yet? Well, you need to finish that wonderful book so you can continue the adventures of Rose and Marek in The Stormwatch Diaries in book number 2 Legend of the Rainbow Eater!!!!

Wow – four exclamation points? I must be really excited! And I am! I’m so excited to share my thoughts of this whimsically brilliant middle grade read with you! But first, read my review of Legend of the Storm Sneezer here and read an interview with the talented author here!

All caught up? Great! Now, what are Rose and Marek up to in book 2? Well, Rose – remember she wants to be a part of the Blackouts – finally gets to go on a mission! She and the rest of the team find themselves in the town of Mapleton and “sticky situations abound.” The Blackouts discover prowling hellhound gypsies whose motives are mysterious, giant squonks (you know, mutated squirrels), missing bodies from the local funeral parlor, and giant automaton teddy bears with a taste for bodily harm! The connection between all this? The will-o’-the-wisps, and Boss Man Ragnar wants the Wishing Mist wished out of existence! But remember book 1? The will-o’-the-wisps are what brought Rose and Marek together. Will Rose and Marek be able to figure out what is really happening in Mapleton? Will the legend of the Wishing Mist cease to exist or is there some way, any way, to save both people and the legend itself?

Wow wow wow! My brain is still processing this wonderfully whimsical story! And I really want some ice cream (The funeral parlor in the book has an ice cream parlor next door). I loved the twists and turns, but most of all I adored the themes of friendships, grace, second chances, and faith. Sfirlea does an excellent job of weaving the lessons into her story beautifully – you learn the themes without realizing you’ve been taught something and that’s talented writing. I truly cannot wait for more from The Stormwatch Diaries!

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If you still need to read Legend of the Storm Sneezer, you can order it here (or request it from your local library)! Once you are ready, you can order Legend of the Rainbow Eater here (or request it at your local library)! Remember to leave a review for each book (those reviews help authors out tremendously)!

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