Book Review: First Shift by AJ Skelly

If you are looking for your new favorite love story, then look no further than the Wolves of Rock Falls series – First Shift by AJ Skelly is a wonderfully delightful love story full of delicious homemade goodies, werewolves, and – my all time favorite romance trope – fake dating.

Sam Wolfe has been in love with Megan Carmichael for years, but he can’t do anything about it where she is human and he is a werewolf. However, in a moment of weakness he thinks about kissing Meg. But something unthinkable happens as someone trips into him – he accidentally bites her! Being in human form, Sam is hopeful that she won’t change, but that is wishful thinking. Meg’s life is completely altered as she is thrown into a world she never knew existed; yet, there is a chance that she can return to being human after the next full moon. In the meantime, she marries Sam (in name only) and moves into his cabin for his protection. But, with their close proximity and fake dating at school, can she develop true feelings for him?

I highly recommend this book for fans of werewolves and romance. I greatly anticipate book two’s release this fall – there are some unanswered questions I need answers for! And I just love the characters and Skelly’s approach to werewolves. Overall, I give this book 5 out of 5 stars! I cannot explain my main reason for loving this book so much without a major spoiler, so read ahead at your own discretion!


Oh. My. Goodness. Have you ever been going through personal issues and a good – no great – book allows you to have a revelation or a breakthrough? Watching Meg fall in love with Sam, and her realization that love is a choice was eye-opening for me in so many ways. Even when life gets hard, you choose to love the person you have chosen to spend forever with. I absolutely adored this message as well as the character of Meg’s grandfather who bestowed this wisdom onto Meg.

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