Book Review: Sapphire Lake by Samantha Shaw

I recently won a copy of Sapphire Lake by Samantha Shaw in an Instagram giveaway. I greatly enjoyed Shaw’s short horror story “Gethen Manor” this time last year, so I was excited to read this -especially for spooky season!

What if you knew what it was like to die?

Since the death of her grandfather, Micah Gray experiences death whenever she is in proximity to the deceased or looking at their photos. Her mother thinks she’s crazy, but thankfully her Gram believes her. In fact, Gram has the same visions and is able to help Micah navigate her curse, gift, or whatever the phenomena is. But life for Micah in Sapphire Lake, a small, peaceful lakeside town, is about to get even more complicated. She experiences a death that isn’t natural nor an accident – there’s a murderer out there preying on women. Besides her Gram, there’s only one person who might believe Micah that the “accidental” drowning may be more than what it first seems, and Micah broke his heart. Will Officer Benjamin Root, the ex-boyfriend, believe Micah? Will Sapphire Lake ever be safe again?

Y’all – this book!! If you are a fan of fast-paced thrillers/horror stories with good character development and a pinch of romance, then you will enjoy Sapphire Lake. The book surprised me (which is hard to do in terms of plot) which made it more enjoyable, in my opinion. The novel is fairly short, and I was able to read it in one day. But likely you will want to complete the book quickly once you start! There is explicit language and violence in the book, so I recommend this book to adult readers. Overall, I give Sapphire Lake 4 stars.

Photo by @theunicornwriter93

Order your own copy of Sapphire Lake here, or request at your local library!

I hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween weekend! 🙂

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