Book Review: Finding God in Anime A Devotional for Otakus

Are you an otaku (a Japanese term used to describe a person with “consuming interests” particularly anime or manga)?

I really enjoy anime! I grew up with Pokemon and Sailor Moon, but my husband really made me into the otaku I am today! The first anime we watched together was Naruto followed by Naruto: Shippuden. Since then, I’ve watched and enjoyed That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Fairy Tail, Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits, and more.

I had watched and enjoyed these animes, and the messages they shared, but I never thought to look for God within the cartoon frames; yet, Laura A. Grace did. In fact, she created an entire anthology full of devotionals inspired by different anime! The back cover says, “We believe that God can be seen throughout his creation – even in places where people might not intend!” How beautiful is that? God is all around!

From messages about trusting God’s plan and needing God to save us to lessons reminding us to seek out God and that God can rekindle dying flames, Finding God in Anime is full of anime-inspired devotionals that spoke to my soul.

Some of the devotionals that stood out to me are:

  • We Don’t Need the Memories by Laura A. Grace
  • Not By My Might by Hannah Carter
  • Searching for the Real Father by Renee Le Vine
  • Endeavor: A New Fire by Daniel Andrade
  • A Matter of the Heart: Human Will vs the Holy Spirit by H. S. J. Williams

After completing this devotional, I am more aware that God can be found everywhere, even in anime! I am excited to continue watching my favorite animes (and anime anew) with this new lens of seeking God.

I highly recommend this devotional to fellow otakus and those wishing to go deeper in their spiritual walk. HOWEVER, even if you do not consider yourself an otaku, the messages within this book are still relevant. January is the perfect time to start a new devotional – download your FREE ebook on Amazon here (you can also order a paperback copy if you prefer – I have a paperback copy myself because I like to interact with my devotionals and I’ll definitely be re-reading and re-visiting this one!).

Interested in writing a anime-inspired devotional for a future Finding God in Anime devotional? Please visit Laura A Grace’s website to learn more!

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