The Depths of Atlantis Release Week Celebration!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Though I usually share on Saturdays, today marks the start of a special celebration. One week from today, The Depths of Atlantis by Hannah Carter releases through SnowRidge Press! Now through release on November 2, I will be sharing special blog features daily to help celebrate!*

What’s this YA Fantasy Book About?

Book Blurb: Many kids run away. Reanna did, too: only she went to another dimension.

Reanna may have bartered away her mermaid tail for a one-way ticket to Earth, but apparently, her mother—the queen of Atlantis—didn’t get the message. Now Reanna finds herself kidnapped and back on the dimension of Gaia, where a whole continent is in danger, caught up in a war over her fate.

The longer Reanna runs away from her mother, the more desperate and barbaric Queen Arana becomes. And when Reanna learns of the Queen enslaving countless elves in concentration camps, Reanna knows that she can’t let her fear define her decisions. If she doesn’t step up, she will forfeit not only her own life, but also the lives of the elves and her new friends—including two boys from earth, whose past and futures are inexplicably tied to hers.

Along with her new friends, Reanna sets out to stop the war, reclaim her mermaid tail, and rescue the captive elves, all before the rest of the world sinks to the depths of Atlantis.

Blog Party Schedule

  • Thursday, October 27: Character Interview with Trevor and Adam
  • Friday, October 28: Character Interview with Laile and Gregory
  • Saturday, October 29: Character Interview with Reanna
  • Sunday, October 30: Surprise Announcement
  • Monday, October 31: Author Interview with Hannah Carter
  • Tuesday, November 1: The Depths of Atlantis Playlist
  • Wednesday, November 2: Release Day!

Praise for The Depths of Atlantis

“There are no words to describe Depths of Atlantis, but I’m going to try anyway. This book sucked me in from the first page, and Hannah’s unique voice and style will keep you hooked until long after you reach the end. Even when I wasn’t reading it, her characters and their struggles rested in the back of my mind. Her characterization skills are on point and absolutely incredible! Hannah has the ability to create memorable and relatable heroes (and villains) that can resonate with any reader. The worldbuilding of Solis is fantastically unique and gripping. The world allows for this manic, heart-ripping plot that will twist your emotions inside out and upside down in one go. To say this book has changed my life is an understatement. I was fortunate enough to read it at a time when I needed some sign that I was doing the right thing, and Hannah’s amazing protagonists were able to voice what I was going through. Depths of Atlantis is a must-read for all ages, readers and non-readers. This high-stakes adventure is gorgeous and I can’t wait for the rest of the world to fall in love with it as I have.” – Maseeha Seedat

The Depths of Atlantis is a captivating story that pulls readers in immediately with conflict, tension, and angst, and keeps readers hooked with witty banter, relatable characters, and incredible world-building. Hannah’s ability to elicit so much emotion from the reader is an admirable talent. While reading, I felt a multitude of emotions — I laughed, smirked, gasped, cried — and more than that, I saw myself and my own struggles within the words on the pages. The backstories and depth of the characters are so well-crafted, and I just know that Reanna, Adam, Trevor, Laile, Gregory, really the whole cast, are going to help so many people who, like me, resonate with their pain, their struggles, the bad, but also the good, too. The Depths of Atlantis is a must read for fans of fantasy with such tropes as reluctant hero, evil queen, an important quest, and magic; further, anyone who needs a reminder that being loved is possible, even after a lifetime of feeling like they are unworthy or undeserving of love, will find both peace and hope in the first installment of The Atlantis Trilogy. I delightfully, yet impatiently, await the rest of the story, as will all readers.” – Kayla E. Green, author of Aivan: The One Truth

There’s Still Time to Pre-Order!

Pre-order your copy today from Amazon or directly from SnowRidge Press!

Also, remember to check out author Hannah Carter through her social media channels, Amazon author page, and website to stay up to date!

*The normal Saturday posts will resume following the blog party’s conclusion on November 2.

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