Character Interview with Trevor and Adam from The Depths of Atlantis

As part of the Blog Party in celebration of Hannah Carter’s debut YA fantasy novel releasing November 2, today I get to sit down and chat with the characters Trevor and Adam (accompanied by Hannah of course)!

The Unicorn Writer: Welcome, Trevor and Adam! I know the readers, along with myself, are eager to get to know you both better. To start, describe each other in three words.

Trevor: Hufflepuff feral cat.

Adam: That’s literally not what the assignment was. It’s not to make a sentence; it’s to pick three words. Like this: prat, obnoxious, jock.

Trevor: Are those your three for me or just three examples?

Adam: Take a wild guess.

Trevor: And here I was trying to be nice. Can I adjust my three? Feral, stubborn, jerk. No, wait—I can’t forget that you’re a sappy puppy-dog around Reanna, either.

Adam: I am not!

Trevor: You literally are. Your crush is so obvious. Can obvious be a word?

Adam: You get three words. You’re way past the limit! And—I do not have a crush on Reanna.

Trevor: *humming Can You Feel the Love Tonight*

Adam: *burying his red face in his hands* Can we please just move on? Please?

The Unicorn Writer: What do you think each other’s best feature is?

Adam: I mean, he’s got nice eyes, I guess.

Trevor: *cackling* Dude. I am 99% sure she means personality.

Adam: *sputtering* Well—I—I mean—I thought it was weird…

Trevor: *dying too much to even answer*

Adam: *blushing and trying furiously to leave the interview or die*

Hannah: All right, I’ll answer for both of them. I think Adam likes Trevor’s humor, and Trevor likes how much Adam cares. But since they’ll never admit it, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The Unicorn Writer: Now, describe Reanna, the main character, in three words.

Trevor: Ditzy, smol—that’s smol spelled S-M-O-L—and whatever the word is for people who will chase a butterfly and fall in a hole. Most likely to be abducted because she believes the guys in the white van really have candy?

Adam: Gullible, maybe? Naïve?

Trevor: See, even Lover Boy agrees with me.

Adam: *blushing* NO! That—I wasn’t agreeing with you! I was trying to give you the word you were looking for!

Trevor: Really? Say that I’m wrong.

Adam: Well—she’s tender-hearted. That’s my first word. And…

Trevor: And what we see here now is a man trying furiously to not expose his crush in front of the whole world.

Adam: Shut up. You’re such a jerk. Maybe I should have used that back on question number one!

Hannah: BOYS. DO NOT MAKE ME STEP IN HERE. FOCUS. Put that one brain cell you guys share to work.

Trevor: It’s not me. It’s Lover Boy over there that’s holding us up.

Adam: *crossing his arms, scowling* Fine. Tender-hearted, imaginative, and loving.

The Unicorn Writer: What motivates your feelings toward Reanna?

Adam: That’s so easy. Because she’s wonderful. Because she’s so giving and caring—she’ll do anything for anybody because she loves them that much. And she just doesn’t see that she is, and she doesn’t ever care about herself, so somebody’s gotta do it for her, and—

Trevor: *clearing his throat* I’m Reanna’s teacher in the School of Hard Knocks. The first time I ever met her, she chased a butterfly, fell in a hole, and sprained her ankle. Both Adam and Reanna need me. I swear, at the wedding, I better get half the gifts because I’m the one that kept them both alive this long.

Adam: Shut up! I’m not in love with Reanna!

Trevor: Oh, sure. You were about to write a novel if I hadn’t interrupted.

Adam: *grumbling under his breath* 

The Unicorn Writer: What’s your favorite part of your journey so far (no spoilers!)?

Trevor: As much as I complain about the company, learning fencing isn’t half bad. Maybe one day I’ll be able to pull off some sweet Legend of Zelda cosplay or something with my newfound skills.

Adam: …I dunno. I guess I kinda like hanging out with Trevor. Sometimes. Kind of. Maybe.

Trevor: Aw, are we gonna kiss a little?

Adam: Shut UP! I can’t even do anything nice for you. Whatever, scratch it off. My new answer is hanging out with Reanna, whenever that happens.

Trevor: *humming Can You Feel the Love Tonight louder*

Adam: *burying his face again* I swear I’m gonna kill you one day. I swear it.

The Unicorn Writer: If you had a magical power, what would you like it to be and why?

Adam: Oh, easy. I’d want to be a water manipulator. Kinda like a water-bender from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Trevor: Mmm…nah. Think bigger. You didn’t give any parameters, right? So I’m thinking something like Doctor Strange, or even Zelda or Sheik. Just total magic control, no spells, nothing. Just think and it happens. I could literally do whatever I wanted.

Adam: And you’d probably still only use it to score touchdowns.

The Unicorn Writer: What have you learned, or are learning, on your adventures so far?

Adam: First off, you’re asking the wrong person that question. Trevor doesn’t learn.

Trevor: DUDE! It was literally my turn to go first!

Adam: Really? And what would your answer have been, oh-wise-Gandalf? Because aside from how to be a bigger nuisance, I don’t think you’ve learned a single thing.

Trevor: Wrong. I’ve learned how annoying you are, for starters.

Adam: *rolling his eyes* I didn’t have to learn that. I already knew it.

*sounds of them bickering back and forth for a good five minutes, all redacted for our sanity*

Hannah: Boys, I swear. Answer the question or I will spill all your dark secrets right here and now.

Trevor: *clearing his throat* Umm. I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to the world than I thought.

Adam: *shifting nervously* And that there’s more to people than I thought if I just give them a chance. 

The Unicorn Writer: Let’s play a quick round of Would You Rather. First, would you rather play football or learn fencing?

Adam: Fencing. At least people won’t tackle me and give me so many concussions that I’m as arrogant and stubborn as Trevor.

Trevor: That’s funny—me, stubborn? You’re the stubborn one.

Adam: I’m not nearly half as stubborn as you. You’re like talking to a brick wall.

Trevor: And you’re like talking to a feral cat that’s just had a bucket of water dumped on them.

Adam: That sounds like some weird Southern expression.

Trevor: *sarcastically* Aw, bless your lil’ heart. Anyway, football—but if it was real sword combat, I’d pick that.

The Unicorn Writer: Face Smaug or fight orcs?

Adam: Face Smaug. I think I relate to Bilbo more than Frodo, if I’m being honest. And not just because he’s played by Martin Freeman, who is one of my favorite actors.

Trevor: That’s totally why you chose it. And you are a Bilbo. But I’m more like Aragorn, so I’m gonna say fight orcs. Imagine how cool I’d look, surrounded by all these orcs, just slaying one after another, Aragorn style.

Adam: Please ignore my friend, Viggo Mortensen is his man-crush.

Trevor: Dude, please. You’re blind if Viggo Mortensen isn’t your man-crush. Tell me you wouldn’t give your left big toe to become Aragorn.

The Unicorn Writer: Drink water or something with caffeine?

Adam: I’m…um…not allowed to have stuff with caffeine usually. It makes me too wired.

Trevor: Heaven help us. I don’t even want to know what you’re like wired if this is your normal.

Adam: *curling in on himself and casting shifty glances at Trevor*

Trevor: But, for the record, I’d probably choose water, too. I’m not too big on soft drinks, but sometimes I like Coca-Cola or something like that.

The Unicorn Writer: Kiss your nemesis or slap your best friend?

Adam: Um, I don’t have a nemesis, unless you’re talking about Trevor.

Trevor: You did say I have pretty eyes.

Adam: Shut UP!

Trevor: *cackling* Well, I do have a nemesis, and I’d pick slapping Martin, my best friend, on the football field any day.

Adam: Ew. Why do football players slap each other’s butts? That’s just so weird.

Trevor: Hold on—I never said the butt. I mean, a nice helmet slap will suffice.

The Unicorn Writer: If you were dropped in the middle of Fiastro together and were only given a bag with three items of your request in it, then what would those items be?

Trevor: First off, where the heck is Fiastro?

Adam: *rolling his eyes* It’s the desert area west of Capital City.

Trevor: Oh. Then, probably some water and a gun. And some clothes so that I can look like Rick from The Mummy. You know, I’m pretty sure he’s my celebrity look-alike.

Adam: You wish you were as good looking as Brendan Fraser.

Trevor: What are you talking about? We’re practically twins.

Adam: Are you serious? Brendan Fraser is an icon. A legend. S-tier. And you are…you.

Trevor: *scowling* Yeah, whatever. Shut up and answer the question for yourself.

Adam: Okay, fine. For me, I’d want some magnets—three of them—so I could open up a transportation portal and get out of there.

Trevor: You and your portals. Why not some water or a gun?

Adam: You really wanna face the cannibalistic centaurs after dark?

Trevor: Understood, portal us out of here. *rolling his eyes* Gaia is weird.

The Unicorn Writer: Our time together is coming to a close. Thank you both for being here today! Is there anything else either of you would like to add? 

Adam: Thank you for having us today, Kayla! I hope we didn’t cause too much trouble.

Trevor: And remember, definitely include that bit where Adam broke into hysterical wailing about how much he loved Reanna in between questions three and four. I know he said to strike it from the record, but I really think for posterity, we should—

*sounds of scuffling as Adam tackles Trevor*

Adam: Shut UP! I never did that!

Hannah: It’s okay; I’ve got them. Thank you, Kayla, for interviewing these two idiots. I really appreciate it—and don’t worry. I’ll round them up before they hurt anything.

*more sounds of fighting in the background*

Hannah: 😅😅😅

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