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The Wayward, author Tabitha Caplinger’s most recent book, is a new adult dystopian novel that I will forever recommend to adult readers! The Wayward releases February 7. If you are looking for a story that will stay with you long after you turn the final page, then you need to get yourself (and a friend) a copy. To celebrate this upcoming books, Tab is sharing The Wayward Playlist with us today!

What is The Wayward About?

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Wilder James has spent her entire life in Beartooth, secluded from the Necanians and their domed cities where most of humanity resides. Content to keep her distance within the confines of her rustic community, she desires nothing more than to live out her years with her husband, Declan, in their simple mountain home.

But when an unexpected tragedy rips apart her dreams, and intruders pull her from the safety of her camp and into a dark reality, she discovers the shocking truth. The Necanians are not bringers of peace. They’re harbingers of death.

Now Wilder must decide if she will protect only herself and her people, or risk everything to try to free all of humanity. She is armed with the one thing her people have always had – faith. Will it be enough?

Why Do I Recommend The Wayward?

This novel does a beautiful job delving into the dichotomies of hope and despair. It illustrates a real-life struggle with having faith when overcome with grief. The Wayward reminds us to trust in God always; even when all we think we see is darkness, the light is still there. To read more of my thoughts and see my full review of The Wayward, please click here.

The Wayward Book Playlist

Do you love it when you watch a movie and the soundtrack is *chef’s kiss*? I often wish books, too, had a playlist. So, when an author creates a playlist for their novel, I nerd out a bit. Tabitha has a playlist for The Wayward that she is sharing with us today!

Whenever I start a new project, one of the first things I do is curate a playlist. Not only does it help set the vibe for a project, it’s something I’ll use while plotting and writing to keep me in the right headspace for a story. The Wayward playlist may be my favorite yet. Its mix of sad, folksy love songs strikes all the right heartstrings for this mountain core dystopian.

Tabitha Caplinger

The Wayward by Tabitha Caplinger

Listen to The Wayward by Tabitha Caplinger on Apple Music. Stream songs including “Honey Leave the Light On”, “Colder Weather” and more.

Click on the image above to see the playlist! If you have Apple Music, you will be able to listen. However, if you do not have Apple Music, you will still be able to see the songs and artists on the playlist (and listen to a preview)!

Stay Connected with Tabitha Caplinger

In case you didn’t know, Tabitha is one of my all-time favorite authors. She has a unique talent for writing stories that speak to your heart, and the love of God shines through the pages of her books. To learn more about her book The Wolf Queen, the first book of Tab’s that I read, check out my blog post featuring it here.

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Because release day is February 7, there are only a few days left to get your pre-order of The Wayward in. You can do that with Page 158 Books here!

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