Rise of Knight and Sword by Miriam Wade

Rise of Knight and Sword: A Book Spotlight

Rise of Knight and Sword by Miriam Wade is book one in the award-winning One Sword Saga series. These books reimagine Arthurian legend in a steampunk fantasy world at the height of the 1920’s. Follow Guinevere and her crew as they face off against smugglers, wild dinosaurs, hidden motives, and mistrust.

Book Blurb

Avalon, city of kings. Sky towers and airships dominate its skyline, dinosaurs roam freely throughout its parklands, and bounty hunters lurk in its shadows.

Guinevere has always lived on the outskirts of Avalon, working as an archivist in the central library. While corruption runs rampant throughout the city, her life is fairly mundane and predictable. That is, until she discovers the map to Excalibur and uncovers a plot to usurp the throne.

Finding herself on the run from these would-be king-slayers, Guinevere sets out to find the mythical sword. But with no one to trust and no where to hide, she must form an uneasy alliance with a pair of notorious bounty hunters.

“My future, and the future of Avalon are forward.”

Cover of Rise of Knight and Sword by Miriam Wade.

Praise for Rise of Knight and Sword

“My jaw was wide open and my excitement increased with pleasure as I kept reading each page… Our teen book club will be in a frenzy for this book.”

— Megan S., Librarian

“Wade’s debut novel is definitely a refreshing take on an old-literary favorite.”

— K. T. Egan, Author of All You Hold On To

“…like a Studio Ghibli story mixed with the Mandalorin.”

— Frances R., NetGalley Reviewer

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I am so excited to read Rise of Knight and Sword by Miriam Wade in the near future. An Arthurian inspired fantasy tale focused on Guinevere? Paired with dinosaurs, political intrigue, and an important quest? Yes, please!

I love stories that are unique and whimsical, and based on the reviews so far, this book promises to be just that. Once I mark this title off my TBR (to be read list), I will share my full review with everyone.

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