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Brittany Eden, the author of the Heartbooks series, is a stay-at-home-mom and avid lover of tea in British Columbia, Canada. In her spare time, Brittany enjoys watching television shows with her husband which mostly consists of Star Wars and archeology documentaries. She also likes to binge K-Dramas, paint her nails, and write in journals she is making for her kids for when they grow up.

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Backstage she shared that when asked what she does, her oldest son said, ““She drinks tea and watches us.” Brittany says that is true, “but not quite everything.” We can all agree kids are hilarious, and that moms are truly superheroes! Let’s welcome Brittany now.

Brittany Eden’s Writing

Q) Welcome Brittany! Thank you so much for joining us today. To get us started today, please describe yourself in three words.

A) Love—family & stories.

Q) Describe your writing in 5 words or less.

A) Starcrossed Romance & Timeless Endings

Q) Can you tell us about your works currently available to readers? What about upcoming releases?

A) With Hearts releasing, I will be continuing to focus on the Crowns royal-themed anthology, which I’m co-editing with Brigitte Cromey. We’ve closed submissions and are selecting our final list (while completing a first round of minor edits) and once all that is done, we’ll be reaching out to authors to let them know they made it in! We are thrilled with the stories in this anthology, and the variety of genres represented.

In terms of novels in the Heartbooks series, next is Mirrors, another full-length standalone novel, releasing June 2024, which combines Red Riding Hood + Snow White + Beauty and the Beast where roses aren’t red and the citadel is abandoned in the White Forest and library lore leads the way past stained-glass windows, to treasures. And Curses, another novella—this one pumpkin-spice and autumn themed just in time for Halloween, 2024—has all sorts of haunting Willy Wonka vibes in a twist on Rapunzel + Hansel & Gretel, where the case of the stolen crown jewels entangles with a candyshop. Expect a full moon, fireworks, and a heist.

More About the Heartbooks series


Q) Speaking of the Heartbooks series, what was the inspiration behind Hearts?

A) It’s overcome many changes since the initial idea, but the premise was always the fairytale fusion in the contemporary (but fantastical feeling) quasi-European world, and the focus on mental health and creativity. I actually have an amazing story to share: there’s a quote about three quarters of the way into the story that I sometimes use as a marketing teaser, and it’s the first thing that came to mind years ago when I thought of wonderland, plus neverland…and suddenly I ran for pen and paper. What I wrote then—the very first thing I wrote!—remains the same, and it’s this:

When I was a little girl, a boy with a mad hat was my teatime companion. With happy thoughts and pixie dust I learned to fly, but as I grew up, my hero never did. Now, I dream of a charming prince who disappears whenever I truly need a saviour.

He isn’t real.

None of them are.

No teaparties. No chasing shadows. No white horse.

I wonder if my dreams were ever real.

Wishes, a Prequel Novella

Q) Since you have talked about your series, can you tell us how does Hearts connect with your novella Wishes?

A) Hearts features cameos and characters from Wishes, however, the books can be read in any order! The stories stand alone, and the funny thing is, I actually wrote Hearts before I wrote Wishes, so for readers to have been introduced to Wishes as a prequel novella first is super interesting to me! Either way, I think they can enjoy both stories no matter which order they read them in, or if they just choose to read one! Same goes for the rest of the series!

Q) Who will enjoy your books?

A) Anyone who enjoys a story with a focus on romance that’s clean but very swoonworthy.

Brittany Eden’s Current Projects

Q) Can you tell us about your current writing project?

A) Oh, great question. I have been working on a romantic suspense for awhile, and it might be a series, and it’s quite thrilling and heart-wrenching and tense and I love writing it when I can! Each story is formatted the same with alternating chapters of before and after, or past/present, as it were! The flashbacks and figuring out how to reveal information at the right time has been incredibly challenging, and fun!

Brittany’s Theme Song

Q) If you had a theme song for your life, what would it be and why?

A) Love Song For A Savior, Jars of Clay

Tropes and Travel

Q) Next, we will have a short segment on tropes and travel. To start this round of questions, tell us what was your most recent 5-star read and why?

A) Authentically Izzy by Pepper D. Basham. It was part epistolary and ohmyword I literally laughed aloud. It was delightful. Pure joy bottled in a book.

Q) Do you incorporate similar themes or favorite tropes across your writing?

A) I write romance no matter what genre I dabble in. I love the tragic-lovers vibes, while I aim for happy (though poignant) endings. I tend to have childhood friends and secret identities in some form or another, because both of those allow that fate, so to speak, still makes the couple find one another. And the complicated threads of a shared history are always the most fun to untangle, when they draw lovers together in my stories.

Q) Speaking of tropes, what is your favorite bookish trope?

A) Fake dating! Or fake-fiancé, etc. I LOVE IT. Fake relationships are hilarious and also the forced proximity of that element making the feelings grow and become unavoidable? GOLD.

Q) Lastly, if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

A) I haven’t been to Rome. I have a literal degree in Roman history and I haven’t been. THE SADNESS! It’s a goal. Oh, that and Israel. I would love to walk the land Jesus did.

Advice from Brittany

Q) If you could give your younger self any advice, in terms of writing or something else, what would it be?

A) Don’t be afraid of slowing down. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Q) What advice can you share with other authors?

A) I always just say read! Because if you forget what it feels like to be excited about a book and tell your friends about it, how can you write one? But I also will share that I’m currently learning the art of slowing down in terms of goals, effort, and desires. As a Christian, my life and calling are gifts, and I am trying to submit that over and over back to the Lord, and trust HE knows best when and where I should go and what I should do.

Interview Wrap-Up

Q) Thank you so much, Brittany! I loved getting to know you and your writing more, and I know our readers did as well. Is there anything else you would like to add?

A) Thank you! And I hope something here has encouraged other authors in a small way! I’m only an email away if anyone wants to chat or needs encouragement!

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Connect with Brittany Eden through her website, her blog, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also find her on Etsy.

Where to Find Hearts by Brittany Eden

Hearts will be released on June 6, 2023. You can pre-order now through Amazon. Currently, if you pre-order the book, then you can gift an e-copy to a friend! Find more details about this pre-order promotion on Brittany’s website. Be sure to learn more about Hearts in last week’s review post. And check out her post on overcoming writer’s block here.

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