Aivan: The One Truth is 1 Year Old!

Aivan: The One Truth released July 26, 2022 which means that it turned one year old this week! Since releasing last year, the novella has earned a wonderfully positive review from Kirkus, a 5-starred review from Readers’ Favorite, AND the Bronze Illumination Book Award in the Young Adult category!

I am so thankful for this writing journey in which the Lord is leading me. I am thankful for my publisher, Ambassador International, and for YOU and all those who have read or will read Aivan: The One Truth! As I work on current projects and take steps to release more books, my fantasy debut novella will always hold a special place in my heart.

What is the book about?

Book Blurb: Two young people from opposite sides of the Great Continent must make sense of their life.

Rune has grown up all of her life in the mountainous northern nation of Kansanai. As granddaughter of the Senior Elder, she has been a devout believer of the Vihishki gods her whole life. Yet, when a prophet challenges the Vihishki gods against his Aivan, the One Truth, everything she thought she knew is turned upside down.

Will Rune be able to let go of the life she thought she deserved for something far greater than what she could have ever imagined? Rolf goes through the motions of everyday life in the southern nation of Etalentin. Yet, his routine is disrupted when a voice claiming to be the one true God speaks to him. Listening to his heart, he follows Aivan, but he is thrown temptation after temptation on his journey. Will Rolf be able to resist the temptations in order to fulfill Aivan’s plan for him?

Author Kayla E. Green smiles with her book Aivan: The One Truth.

What Content is in Aivan: The One Truth?

Graphic with excerpt from 5-starred Readers' Favorite review.
Aivan: The One Truth surrounded by crown and roses. Above there is a bookmark with text.

Aivan: The One Truth is a fast-paced novella that is written for a Young Adult audience. It is a prequel to the upcoming Chronicles of the One Truth which is a series that follows a multi-generational cast of characters. As such, it is a quick introduction to the world of the Great Continent, and, therefore, it is limited.

There are parallels to well-loved biblical stories, as several readers have noted in reviews. But, though there are elements of thematic truth from a Christian perspective woven within the narrative, the book is a work of fantasy fiction. As such, there are liberties taken such as a the inclusion of a soft magic system (in the vein of Tolkien). However, a few readers have raised concerns of the novella featuring a female messiah; rest assured, this is not the intention. A new character is briefly introduced in the conclusion of the novella and the sneak peak in the forthcoming series shines light into what readers will see but it is vague. More will be understood in the primary story world; stay tuned!

So, What’s Next?

As expressed in the book blurb, the prequel novella, Aivan: The One Truth, follows Rune and Rolf. They are the parents of Reyna. She will be the main character in the first full-length novel of the Chronicles of the One Truth book series. Reyna’s story is a seafaring pirate fantasy, and her character draws inspiration from the biblical figures of Elijah, Moses, and Abraham. But she is a YA heroine through and through! Make sure to stay tuned for more details to be shared in the (hopefully near) future!

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If you haven’t yet read Aivan: The One Truth, then make sure to grab your copy below! You can also find it online with other book retailers such as Barnes and Noble. Remember, you can also request a copy at your local library. And, if you enjoy the novella, please consider taking a moment to leave a short review. Reviews are so helpful!

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Thank you for following along! Tune in next week for a feature on a YA fantasy releasing soon, Heart of the Sea by Moriah Chavis!

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