Season of Dragons by Nikki Mitchell: Book Review

Season of Dragons by Nikki Mitchell

Season of Dragons by Nikki Mitchell is a fast-paced middle grade book with echoes of whimsy found in the films of Studio Ghibli. That along with its balance of humor and important themes in the vein of author Roald Dahl, Season of Dragons is a fantastic book for young readers.

In this first installment of the “Magic Shoebox Adventure” series, we are introduced to young Ichabod Surname. The warning message in the beginning of the book immediately entices you to dive in; and once you start? You need to know what Ichabod does next!

What is the Book About?

Ichabod is the forgotten child in his family. He doesn’t get along with his siblings, and his mother threw out his precious shoebox of treasures. Without his shoebox of treasures, how will pass his science presentation at school? Ichabod is in luck—he happens to find a dragon egg at the bus stop. But when he goes to grab the egg from his backpack to share with his class he is transported to a different realm!

A paperback book of Season of Dragons by Nikki Mitchell surrounded by faux rainbow cupcakes and fake flowers. There are also two bookmarks, an envelope with script, a print of the cover, and a black "dragon" egg."

He finds himself in the village Hasir. The weather is going haywire because the Season Dragons fight among themselves in their cave across the water. The grown-ups discuss what to do, but they have no solutions. An unlikely friend, Ingrid, helps Ichabod in his quest to talk to the Season Dragons after the grown-ups mock his idea. Though he loves exploring, Ichabod faces a new type of adventure. One with a manipulative Mist, self-centered dragons, and wacky weather. In order to help restore the seasons for the people of Hasir, Ichabod must find the grandmother of the Season Dragons for help. And on this crusade to fix the weather and return the dragon egg, Ichabod learns a thing or two about finding family and being your authentic self.

My Thoughts on Season of Dragons

I started reading this book, and couldn’t stop! It is a quick read at a little over 100 pages, and its pace is definitely good for young readers who often grow bored when bogged down with too much unnecessary information thrown at them. While reading, I felt reminded of Dahl’s character Matilda Wormwood. Like Matilda, Ichabod is a sympathetic character who, through determination and gusto, makes a difference. In summary, Ichabod Surname is a relatable young man who inspires readers to do what is right, never fear adventure, and to remember to call their grandma.

Season of Dragons Makes An Excellent Novel Study

As a school librarian, I feel this book is perfect to add to a classroom reading list during the academic year. In fact, soon after first discovering this delightful book, I added a paperback copy to our library catalog. In addition, I will be using it for a novel study with a small group of students at school this upcoming fall during our enrichment time. Nikki includes a list of discussion questions for teachers at the end of the book which can be used for the classroom setting. I used the provided questions and plan to use some self-created supplemental materials as well (I’m happy to share with fellow educators once I get them all finalized).

The book itself lends itself to discussing various topics including character development, elements of plot, theme, types of conflict, point of view, context clues, and inferencing. The vivid fantasy world Nikki creates lends itself to endless creativity when it comes to designing writing prompts and multimedia presentations for students as well. I am so excited to share this book with my school babies in the years ahead, and I encourage other librarians and teachers to share with their kids, too!


Overall, Season of Dragons is superb. I readily give it 5-stars as it is a short, humorous yet poignant book for developing readers. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book of the Magic Shoebox Adventure series!

Remember to requests a copy of Nikki’s book at your local library, recommend the book to your friends in education, and order your own copy! You can also connect with Nikki on her website on on Instagram.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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