Child of Prophecy: Character Interview

Child of Prophecy by T. E. Bradford is an excellently crafted fantasy world with layers of faith and love. If you would like to learn more about my thoughts on Child of Prophecy, and why I think it is such a wonderful book, check out my full review here.

Today, two of the main characters within Child of Prophecy, and the first book in the Divide Series, will be joining us. Let’s welcome Nova and Quentin now!

Welcome to the Blog!

(A teen girl walks an sits on the loveseat opposite of The Unicorn Writer. A teen boy pulls himself beside the loveseat in his wheelchair).

The Unicorn Writer (UW): Welcome, Nova and Quentin!

Quentin: Oh, thanks!

Nova: Shhh, Quen!

UW: Your friendship and desire to protect one another in Child of Prophecy is one of the many things I love about your journeys in book one of the Divide series. I know the readers, along with myself, are eager to get to know you both better. To start, please describe each other in three words.

Quentin: Who first? Me? Okay. Nova is… strong, talented, and selfless.

Nova: Wow. Thanks, Quen.

Quentin: Now do me! Hah!

Nova: Okay. Quen is… funny, smart, and brave.

Quentin: You think I’m brave?

Nova: Of course I think you’re brave! You’re maybe the bravest person I know.

Quentin: Wow.

Nova: Now he goes quiet. *LOL* I think I broke him.

UW: Quentin, what do you like best about Nova? And, Nova, what do you like best about Quentin?

Quentin: What I like best about Nova is that she’s circle-blind.

Nova: Circle blind? What does that mean?

Quentin: Means you don’t see my wheelchair. You see me.

Nova: Oh. Well… yeah. Of course. I mean, it’s still YOU, Quen.

Quentin: Are you sure? Maybe the chair is a pod and I’ve been turned into a pod-person. Or cloned. There might be a dozen Quentin’s running around out there.

Nova: The world would be a better place.

Quentin: Awww! Thanks, Novagator.

Nova: See? That, right there. That’s what I like best about Quen. He’s silly, but he’s genuine.

More About Nova and Quentin

UW: Nova, what song do you think should be the title track of Quentin’s life? Quentin, same question but about Nova. Do you agree with each other’s song selections? 

Quentin: Awww. You’re blushing. What? What’s my song?

Nova: I think… I get knocked down, but I get up again.

Quentin: Mmm. I like it! Okay, Nova’s song… I think… The Song of the High King.

Nova: They won’t know that song, Quen.

Quentin: So? They’ll just have to read the book, then. (grins)

UW: Nova, you have a unique way you see the world. Can you tell us about your synesthesia including what is and how that has impacted your journey thus far? 

Nova: Sure. Being someone with synesthesia is sort of like having senses that cross with each other. Some people taste colors. Or hear numbers. I see sounds.

Quentin: Tell them what they look like.

Nova: I’m getting there. Yeah, so it’s like different sounds have different colors. So when people talk, I see a color around them.

Quentin: Like Hal.

Nova: Hal? What are you talking about?

Quentin: He’s green. Like Hal-itosis. (cracks up)

Nova: (rolls eyes) Aaaanyway… here on earth, the colors are almost like a halo. Across the divide, magic itself has color. So everything has colors. At first it made me feel really different from everyone. You know, like a freak. But the more I learn, the more I appreciate being a little different.

The World of Threa

UW: We know that there are two worlds in Child of Prophecy: Earth and Threa. What do you like most about Threa? What’s your least favorite part about Threa?

Nova: I love knowing I’m from somewhere where what I do is normal. Where I fit. And the people are really awesome.

Quentin: Except your dad.

Nova: Yeah. He’s a bit much. He wants to be the most powerful. I guess, when you have a world with magic in it, that’s the risk.

UW: What’s been your favorite part of your journey so far (no spoilers!)?

Quentin and Nova (in unison): Salamain.

Nova: Once you meet him, you’ll understand.

UW: What have you learned, or are learning, on your adventures so far?

Nova: It’s okay to be different. The things that make someone unique are like magic.

Quentin: That’s really beautiful, Nova.

Nova: Thanks. I—

(A girl squeezes beside Nova on the loveseat so she’s between both Nova and Quentin) New Guest: Ugh – Gag me! You guys are so predictable.

Quentin: Laura! I didn’t know you were coming to this.

Laura: Yeah, well someone has to keep you two in check.

Nova: Said the girl who used to make me do her homework.

Laura: I didn’t want you to get a big head. Come on, Quen. Your turn. What have you learned, besides the fact I’m better at magic than you are?

Quentin: Hmm. I learned bullies are stronger than they look…

Laura: Hah, hah.

Quentin: No, seriously. You are. And also, being brave isn’t about being strong. It’s more about letting yourself be weak, if that’s what it takes.

Nova: Dang, Quen.

Laura: Well said.

More About the Characters in Child of Prophecy

UW: Let’s play a quick round of Would You Rather: First, would you rather have Creative, Destructive, Neutral OR no magic powers?

Quentin: No spoilers! But I think Creative would be fun.

UW: Would you rather be stuck on an other-worldy adventure with your enemy OR confront that same bully in your everyday life? 

Nova: Laura? You wanna take this one?

Laura: You know what I think. Confront it. Always. But… the other-wordly adventure thing is kinda cool, too.

Quentin: Heck yeah, it is.

UW: Would you rather find shelter within a tree owned by a strange witch OR face a terrible storm without shelter?

Nova: Witch.

Quentin: Witch.

Laura: Witch. (looks around at stares) What? I’m no idiot.

UW: Would you rather go 24 hours without music OR without art/drawing?

Nova: No fair. Music IS art!

Laura: There’s your flaw, Nova. Don’t be indecisive. Think it over, then pick.

Nova: Fine. Drawing.

Laura: Wow. I never thought you’d actually do it.

Quentin: Meany.

(the three laugh together)

UW: Last one: Would you rather save yourself OR the person you love most?

(looking at her friends) Nova: The ones I love most. Always.

(looking at Nova) Quentin: The person I love most.

(looking at her friends) Laura: Save yourself.

(everyone laughs)

Laura: What? Once you save yourself you can help everyone else!

(everyone laughs harder)


UW: If you could share anything with each other, right now, what would that be?

Nova: You guys keep me together.

Quentin: How much I keep the rest of you together.

Laura: You’d both be lost without me.

(More good-natured laughter)

UW: What information can you tell us about your journey in Child of Destiny and the rest of the Divide series?

Quentin: I save the world, of course.

Nova: Both worlds, silly.

Quentin: Oh, right! Both worlds.

Laura: Yes. And then I come in and save these two.

Nova: She does. She definitely does.

UW: Our time together is coming to a close. Thank you all for being here today! Is there anything else any of you would like to add? 

Nova: We kid around a lot, but I really love these two.

Quentin: Yes. And I’d die for either one of these girls. In a heartbeat.

Laura: I’d kill anyone who tried to hurt either of them.

Nova: Family.

Quentin: Family.

Laura: Better than family. We’re a team.

Quentin: That was deep, L.

(laughing) Laura: Shut up, Quen. Interview’s over.

Quentin: Always have to get the last word, don’t— (the girl’s are walking away) Hey! Wait up!

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