A Twist of Tides by Hannah Carter: Book Review

A Twist of Tides by Hannah Carter is the second installment of The Atlantis Trilogy. Book one, The Depths of Atlantis, released last year. You can revisit the blog party celebrating the release of The Depths of Atlantis here, and find my review of A Twist of Tides below!

A Tidal Wave of Emotion

Hannah Carter’s writing worlds create an experience in which you forget you are reading. You feel like you are right there with the characters living the story with them. The way the author develops her cast of characters and creates means for easy emotional attachment to them is beautiful; yet, cruel. I say it’s cruel only for the fact that as a reader your heart literally aches at times for the fictional cast that so quickly becomes endeared to you. Authors who can create such emotion in readers are talented, indeed.

My Favorite Elements in Tides

I’m honestly in awe of how the author balances so much character depth with high stakes action. And the twists! I Definitely didn’t see a few things coming. In fact, I stayed up way too late to finish the last half of the book one night because I just couldn’t NOT know what happened next.

The theme of rising above your trauma and not letting bitterness and anger rule you is beautifully and gracefully approached. I love how the Song of the Sea is countered with the Composer’s Song—it’s true even in the real world, we have a choice in who we want to be no matter our past; we have a choice in who we become. We ARE resilient and we CAN overcome hurt and wrongdoing against us. Thank you, Reanna the main protagonist in A Twist of Tides, for reminding us of this.

Content Warning

Though there are tough moments and heavy topics within this book, the author does a phenomenal job with refraining from extremely graphic detail and keeping it framed for an upper YA audience. However, reader discretion is advised for fantasy violence including mentions of battle injuries/blood, abuse, physical and sexual assault, etc. (see the content warning list the author includes in the beginning of the book).

Who Most Will Enjoy A Twist of Tides?

If you like…

  • Mermaids and portal fantasies
  • Depictions of strong friendships
  • Origin stories/flashbacks
  • High stakes action and lots of suspense interwoven with dynamic characters with diverse personalities
  • Jedi masters vs Sith lords
  • Stranger Things
  • Pop culture references
  • Snarky jokes and funny banter
  • Feel good moments/growth
  • Cinnamon roll characters
  • Characters realizing they are stronger than they first thought

…then you NEED to read A Twist of Tides!

I wholeheartedly love–Love this book. Love this series. Love this author.

*I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of this book. I am leaving a review of my own volition, and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Order book one of The Atlantis Trilogy, The Depths of Atlantis, here!

Order book two, A Twist of Tides, here!

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