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Twenty Hills Publishing is best known for their anthologies. However, the small press has been steadily growing and have novels releasing soon.

Twenty Hills’s stories are edgy but promote truth. Explore the literary playlist below to learn more about the books and their worlds!

Twenty Hills’ Playlist

This song is in Twenty Hill’s Thorn Tower playlist, specifically for the main character, Boyer. While this isn’t an Odysseus story, Boyer resonates deeply with most of the lyrics in this song. Thorn Tower is Anne J. Hill’s upcoming epic fantasy novel.

The Never Tales Volume One and Two is a duology of Peter Pan short stories and poems. “Lost Boy” is a good representation of these books, although the anthologies are a bit darker than this song.

What Darkness Fears is an anthology with spooky stories about light overcoming the dark. This song shows a struggle between being brave in the dark, and almost finding the light. 

Sharper Than Thorns is an anthology with stories and poems about Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and Little Red Riding Hood. This song, as well as some of the pieces in this book, show that fairytales aren’t always as pretty as they seem.

This song is in both the Thorn Tower playlist, and Fool’s Honor. Fool’s Honor is a collection of stories and poetry about trickster characters. Full of criminals, witty and clever rogues, who often get their comeuppance. 

This one is also for Thorn Tower, and Briars & Blood. You might recognize this from the new live-action of Beauty and the Beast. Briars & Blood is a collection of Beauty and the Beast novellas. 

Wither and Bloom is a romance anthology about how love is a choice, loving people even when it’s hard. Anne J. Hill, owner of Twenty Hills, said this song has spoken to her for years because the lyrics that depict the beauty of marriage and all relationships, even in minefields. 

Our upcoming anthology, Though We Bleed, is about sacrificing for freedom. Giving up yourself to fight for what is right, no matter the cost. 

Hannah Carter’s upcoming book, through Twenty Hills, Saltwater Souls, is a collection of stories about mermaids.

Moriah Chavis has a murder mystery releasing through Twenty Hills. Sherlock meets Enola with ghosts and Life and Death personified. 

Connect with Twenty Hills Publishing

Black and white logo for Twenty Hills Publishing.

Find out more about Twenty Hills’ Books online here. And be sure to follow the small press on Instagram (@twenty_hills) and Anne J. Hill, too, (@anne.j.hill.editing).

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