Book Review: Toothbreaker by M. H. Elrich

I recently won a giveaway on Instagram in which I got a free e-book copy of M. H. Elrich’s novella Toothbreaker and some BEAUTIFUL character cards by the talented Madeline Hanlon.IMG_20210207_075709_018

After reading Etania’s Worth (see my review here), I was so excited to read Toothbreaker. Upon reading the novella, I am even more in love with the world of Tamnarae, and I desperately await Elrich’s next addition to her fantasy world.

Toothbreaker follows the Eritam or people with the Neuma (divine gift) of taming wolves. The novella opens with an injured stranger awakening the pack healer Tamar Prevost for assistance with a grizzly wound. But upon closer examination, Tamar realizes that the silver-haired man is no stranger, but rather her ex-lover, Sage, who had left years ago to join the King’s Praytor. Tamar is wary of Sage and rightfully so – he is an escaped toothbreaker her brother is hunting. As a toothbreaker, Sage pledged his allegiance to Malstorm in exchange for greater power than his Neuma – and he committed heinous acts. However, Sage encountered a Vexli who stripped him of his Skazic abilities. Now that he has returned home, can Sage overcome his past and find new purpose in his life? Or will he return to Malstorm and evil ways?

Elrich’s message of God’s forgiveness and boundless grace is woven beautifully within this fantasy tale. Through Sage, we are reminded that no matter how far we stray from the herd, our shepherd will always be there to guide us home.

In addition to a clear Christian message, the novella is packed with intriguing conflict and tension, and the reader eagerly turns each page to see what will happen next. Elrich makes it easy to sympathize and connect with the characters and their struggles. And I love how the timeline lines up with the plot of Etania’s Worth. It provides a new depth to the world.

Overall, I give this novella 5/5 stars. It is fast-paced, and left me wanting more of Tamnarae. I cannot wait to read more of Etania Selali, the Changed, Sage, and Tamar. Be sure to add Toothbreaker and Etania’s Worth to your TBR today!

Sidenote: Originally, I believed I would be a Draconian, but now I know I would be an Eritam. Now, when do I get to tame my own wolf?

Order Toothbreaker here!

Order Etania’s Worth here!


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