Book Review: Etania’s Calling by M. H. Elrich

Etania’s Calling is the New Adult Fantasy sequel to Etania’s Worth, and the author M. H. Elrich has done a beautiful job continuing the story set in the world of Tamnarae! Read my full review of Etania’s Worth here, my full review of Toothbreaker a novella by Elrich set in the same world and time here, and my most recent interview with Elrich here!

Six months after Etania saves Southern Tamnarae, the Vexli finds herself with a secret. She cannot access her Neuma; however, she doesn’t tell her suitor Keyel or her father Jakin even after Jakin recruits her to help fight Jazel who is seeking out the demon Narak. While on the quest to fight Jazel, Prince Zaden learns of Etania’s secret. Will Etania learn to trust Melchizedek or will lies and deceit lead to disaster?

Speaking of Prince Zaden, I don’t recall the last time my feelings for a character changed so drastically throughout the course of a book. This really speaks to Elrich’s character development and overarching theme of God’s redeeming love. I won’t speak too much more about Zaden for fear of spoilers!

One character I will speak about is Etania’s friend Bayanna. Bayanna is a strong, independent spirit who cares deeply about others. I was so excited to see her play a larger role in the sequel after being introduced to her in book one! I really, really hope there is a novella spin-off of Bayanna just as there was a novella spin-off of Sage with Toothbreaker!

One thing that I especially loved about this book is that it shows the reality of relationships–romantic relationships can be complicated and messy, and trust is a necessary foundation for a successful relationship, not just trust in one another but trust in God. Again and again, through the book’s characters, we are reminded to trust in God’s plan even though we may not understand it.

Overall, Elrich’s in-depth world-building paired with relatable characters and Christian-based themes such as trusting God no matter your circumstances and God’s redeeming love has resulted in another 5-star read!

You will enjoy Etania’s Calling if you enjoy:

  • Biblical truths woven in a well-crafted fantasy world
  • A refreshing spin on the tired love-triangle romance trope
  • Strong but flawed female characters
  • Unicorns and dragons

I HIGHLY recommend Etania’s Calling (as well as Elrich’s other books)! You can order your own copy here AND remember to request a copy at your local library!

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