Child of Prophecy: Character Interview

Child of Prophecy by T. E. Bradford is an excellently crafted fantasy world with layers of faith and love. If you would like to learn more about my thoughts on Child of Prophecy, and why I think it is such a wonderful book, check out my full review here.

Today, two of the main characters within Child of Prophecy, and the first book in the Divide Series, will be joining us. Let’s welcome Nova and Quentin now!

Welcome to the Blog!

(A teen girl walks an sits on the loveseat opposite of The Unicorn Writer. A teen boy pulls himself beside the loveseat in his wheelchair).

The Unicorn Writer (UW): Welcome, Nova and Quentin!

Quentin: Oh, thanks!

Nova: Shhh, Quen!

UW: Your friendship and desire to protect one another in Child of Prophecy is one of the many things I love about your journeys in book one of the Divide series. I know the readers, along with myself, are eager to get to know you both better. To start, please describe each other in three words.

Quentin: Who first? Me? Okay. Nova is… strong, talented, and selfless.

Nova: Wow. Thanks, Quen.

Quentin: Now do me! Hah!

Nova: Okay. Quen is… funny, smart, and brave.

Quentin: You think I’m brave?

Nova: Of course I think you’re brave! You’re maybe the bravest person I know.

Quentin: Wow.

Nova: Now he goes quiet. *LOL* I think I broke him.

UW: Quentin, what do you like best about Nova? And, Nova, what do you like best about Quentin?

Quentin: What I like best about Nova is that she’s circle-blind.

Nova: Circle blind? What does that mean?

Quentin: Means you don’t see my wheelchair. You see me.

Nova: Oh. Well… yeah. Of course. I mean, it’s still YOU, Quen.

Quentin: Are you sure? Maybe the chair is a pod and I’ve been turned into a pod-person. Or cloned. There might be a dozen Quentin’s running around out there.

Nova: The world would be a better place.

Quentin: Awww! Thanks, Novagator.

Nova: See? That, right there. That’s what I like best about Quen. He’s silly, but he’s genuine.

More About Nova and Quentin

UW: Nova, what song do you think should be the title track of Quentin’s life? Quentin, same question but about Nova. Do you agree with each other’s song selections? 

Quentin: Awww. You’re blushing. What? What’s my song?

Nova: I think… I get knocked down, but I get up again.

Quentin: Mmm. I like it! Okay, Nova’s song… I think… The Song of the High King.

Nova: They won’t know that song, Quen.

Quentin: So? They’ll just have to read the book, then. (grins)

UW: Nova, you have a unique way you see the world. Can you tell us about your synesthesia including what is and how that has impacted your journey thus far? 

Nova: Sure. Being someone with synesthesia is sort of like having senses that cross with each other. Some people taste colors. Or hear numbers. I see sounds.

Quentin: Tell them what they look like.

Nova: I’m getting there. Yeah, so it’s like different sounds have different colors. So when people talk, I see a color around them.

Quentin: Like Hal.

Nova: Hal? What are you talking about?

Quentin: He’s green. Like Hal-itosis. (cracks up)

Nova: (rolls eyes) Aaaanyway… here on earth, the colors are almost like a halo. Across the divide, magic itself has color. So everything has colors. At first it made me feel really different from everyone. You know, like a freak. But the more I learn, the more I appreciate being a little different.

The World of Threa

UW: We know that there are two worlds in Child of Prophecy: Earth and Threa. What do you like most about Threa? What’s your least favorite part about Threa?

Nova: I love knowing I’m from somewhere where what I do is normal. Where I fit. And the people are really awesome.

Quentin: Except your dad.

Nova: Yeah. He’s a bit much. He wants to be the most powerful. I guess, when you have a world with magic in it, that’s the risk.

UW: What’s been your favorite part of your journey so far (no spoilers!)?

Quentin and Nova (in unison): Salamain.

Nova: Once you meet him, you’ll understand.

UW: What have you learned, or are learning, on your adventures so far?

Nova: It’s okay to be different. The things that make someone unique are like magic.

Quentin: That’s really beautiful, Nova.

Nova: Thanks. I—

(A girl squeezes beside Nova on the loveseat so she’s between both Nova and Quentin) New Guest: Ugh – Gag me! You guys are so predictable.

Quentin: Laura! I didn’t know you were coming to this.

Laura: Yeah, well someone has to keep you two in check.

Nova: Said the girl who used to make me do her homework.

Laura: I didn’t want you to get a big head. Come on, Quen. Your turn. What have you learned, besides the fact I’m better at magic than you are?

Quentin: Hmm. I learned bullies are stronger than they look…

Laura: Hah, hah.

Quentin: No, seriously. You are. And also, being brave isn’t about being strong. It’s more about letting yourself be weak, if that’s what it takes.

Nova: Dang, Quen.

Laura: Well said.

More About the Characters in Child of Prophecy

UW: Let’s play a quick round of Would You Rather: First, would you rather have Creative, Destructive, Neutral OR no magic powers?

Quentin: No spoilers! But I think Creative would be fun.

UW: Would you rather be stuck on an other-worldy adventure with your enemy OR confront that same bully in your everyday life? 

Nova: Laura? You wanna take this one?

Laura: You know what I think. Confront it. Always. But… the other-wordly adventure thing is kinda cool, too.

Quentin: Heck yeah, it is.

UW: Would you rather find shelter within a tree owned by a strange witch OR face a terrible storm without shelter?

Nova: Witch.

Quentin: Witch.

Laura: Witch. (looks around at stares) What? I’m no idiot.

UW: Would you rather go 24 hours without music OR without art/drawing?

Nova: No fair. Music IS art!

Laura: There’s your flaw, Nova. Don’t be indecisive. Think it over, then pick.

Nova: Fine. Drawing.

Laura: Wow. I never thought you’d actually do it.

Quentin: Meany.

(the three laugh together)

UW: Last one: Would you rather save yourself OR the person you love most?

(looking at her friends) Nova: The ones I love most. Always.

(looking at Nova) Quentin: The person I love most.

(looking at her friends) Laura: Save yourself.

(everyone laughs)

Laura: What? Once you save yourself you can help everyone else!

(everyone laughs harder)


UW: If you could share anything with each other, right now, what would that be?

Nova: You guys keep me together.

Quentin: How much I keep the rest of you together.

Laura: You’d both be lost without me.

(More good-natured laughter)

UW: What information can you tell us about your journey in Child of Destiny and the rest of the Divide series?

Quentin: I save the world, of course.

Nova: Both worlds, silly.

Quentin: Oh, right! Both worlds.

Laura: Yes. And then I come in and save these two.

Nova: She does. She definitely does.

UW: Our time together is coming to a close. Thank you all for being here today! Is there anything else any of you would like to add? 

Nova: We kid around a lot, but I really love these two.

Quentin: Yes. And I’d die for either one of these girls. In a heartbeat.

Laura: I’d kill anyone who tried to hurt either of them.

Nova: Family.

Quentin: Family.

Laura: Better than family. We’re a team.

Quentin: That was deep, L.

(laughing) Laura: Shut up, Quen. Interview’s over.

Quentin: Always have to get the last word, don’t— (the girl’s are walking away) Hey! Wait up!

Connect with author T. E. Bradford!

You can learn more about the author T.E. Bradford and about her other books by checking out her website.

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Allen Steadham: Author Interview

Author Allen Steadham

Allen Steadham is a Christian, author, husband, father, and Information Technology professional in Texas. He has authored multiple books across a few different genres including The Former Things, which I reviewed last week (spoiler: it’s a must read for fans of contemporary romance). I’m so excited to learn more about Allen and his writing in today’s interview!

In his spare time, Allen enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He and his wife are involved in their church’s music ministries including a Christian band called First Light. Before he started writing novels, Allen wrote and illustrated his own webcomics. Let’s welcome Allen now!

Welcome, Allen Steadham!

Q) Thank you for joining us today! To start, please describe yourself in 3 words.

A) Creative. Compassionate. Intense.

Q) What was your most recent 5-star read and why?

A) Mission Hollywood by Michelle Keener. It’s a solid Christian romance with a strong message, good writing, and likeable characters.  

Q) You’re throwing a literary dinner party where you can invite 3 authors, living or not. Who is invited and why?

A) That’s a tough one. I’d say Parker J. Cole (living), Daphne Self (living), and Ben Franklin (not living). Parker is a great friend and prolific author, Daphne was the editor on several of my books and another friend. And I’m distantly related to Ben Franklin (on my mother’s side of the family) and people say I’m a lot like him, so it would be interesting (if it were possible).  

Q) If you had a theme song for your life, what would it be and why?

A) Provider by Rivers & Robots—because it’s all about God and how he makes everything in my life possible, and how I feel about Him.

Allen’s Writing

Q) Describe your writing in 5, or less, words. 

A) Fiction for the soul.

Q) How does your faith intersect with your writing?

A) My faith is my writing. Before I began my first novel (Mindfire), I prayed and submitted all my creativity to the Lord and asked for His help. And God has blessed me in my writing every since.  

Q) What is your favorite Bible verse?

A) John 3:16 (KJV) “For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Q) What do you hope readers of your novel, or any of your works, walk away feeling and or thinking?

A) I hope they walk away with the understanding that God loves everyone, even atheists, and that Jesus is the answer to all of life’s problems.

The Former Things

Q) What can you tell us about The Former Things?

A) The Former Things is a Christian Fiction romance told from the first-person perspective of a 24-year-old male atheist named Sean Winter. He has a troubled past but is trying to make a good life for himself after graduating college, securing a customer service job and his first apartment. Can two Christians—a past love interest and a current co-worker—make a difference in the life of an atheist?

Q) What was the inspiration behind The Former Things?

A) The Lord Himself gave me the story for The Former Things while I was praying one afternoon during the Covid-19 lockdown. And I was compelled to write it.

Q) In your own words, what type of reader will Sean’s story resonate with?

A) The New Adult demographic (18 – 30 year old males and females), non-believers (primarily) as well as believers.  

More from Allen Steadham

Q) In addition to The Former Things, can you tell us about other books you have available to readers?

A) I have also written a Christian Fiction superhero thriller called Mindfire, a Christian science-fantasy trilogy called The Jordan of Algoran Series, and a short story in a Christian sci-fi anthology called Into the Unknown: Seven Short Stories of Faith and Bravery.

Q) Can you tell us about your current writing projects?

A) I have two Christian fiction series I’m working on, and both involve alternate Earths and alternate histories. One is a steampunk trilogy set in the present day. And the other is a dystopian sci-fi series.  

Graphic illsutrating books by Allen Steadham.

Allen’s Advice

Q) If you could give your younger self any advice, in terms of writing or something else, what would it be? 

A) Strive to get even closer to the Lord than you think you are, so He can show you even more and let it influence your writing.  

Q) What advice can you share with other authors?

A) For Christian authors, seek God for your inspiration. Don’t depend on yourself, don’t use worldly entertainment as inspiration, and don’t be like anyone else. Be unique. The Lord can help you do that.  

Closing and Ways to Connect

 Q) Thank you, Allen, for being here today! Is there anything else you would like to add for our readers?

A) Please visit my author website. It will give you information on all my books, book, series, and story trailers (including upcoming works); a blog on a variety of topics; book and story excerpts; links to past interviews; a videos section; and my Christian testimony (the Bio page).

Readers, thank you for joining us today! In addition to learning more about Allen Steadham and his writing through his website, you can also connect with him through Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, YouTube, and Goodreads.

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The Former Things by Allen Steadham

The Former Things by Allen Steadham is a must read for fans of both contemporary fiction and adult, clean romance. I listened to the audio version of this book. The beginning of the story takes a little bit to pick-up. But after the first twenty minutes or so, I found myself invested completely in Sean’s story.

The Former Things with white headphones and flowers.

What is The Former Things About?

The narrative begins as Sean Winter, a recent college graduate, starts the first day of his new job in Oklahoma. The day is far from typical as the area is ravaged by a tornado. During a power outage caused by the storm, Sean’s new co-worker, Keith, prays during the tornado’s rampage. This act enrages Sean for reasons revealed later in the story.

Sean’s anger toward Keith’s prayer stems from a traumatic past; a past he keeps close to his chest. Not only is Sean an atheist, but he feels animosity and loathing toward people who identify as Christian. Hurt he faced at the hands of those who loudly identified as Christians helped shape his current feelings. In the aftermath of the tornado, Sean crosses paths with Jenny Lou…The girl who broke his heart.

While Sean is trying to figure out if he and Jenny Lou have a second chance to be together, he meets someone new. Sean has to figure out how he feels and what he wants. Which is trying where he is also navigating the scars of his unhealed trauma, the aftermath of past choices as well as new choices. In addition, mental health struggles with depression and adjustment disorders make parts of Sean’s life even more challenging. And while trying to figure everything out, an unlikely friendship develops between Sean and Keith. Will his new friendship help him balance all he is trying to juggle?

Ultimately, Sean must let go of the former things that threaten to consume him. He must let go in order to build the life and future he wants.

Who Will Enjoy This Book?

It is a refreshing clean romance in that it is realistic, relatable, and believable rather than being weighed down with “fluff” and exaggerations that often come with popular romance tropes. The book depicts real and flawed humans with their own scars trying to navigate life while providing authentic hope for romantic love that is true versus a fabricated fairy-tale created that can give readers skewed views on both romantic relationships and people. It is clean in that there is no graphic scenes, though sexual relations are alluded to, and it is free from inappropriate language. Because of the content, this book is recommended for adult readers only.

My Thoughts on The Former Things

One thing about this book that I particularly enjoyed is that there are traces of popular tropes, like second-chance romance and a love triangle. But, unlike a lot of contemporary romance novels, these concepts weren’t overplayed or overexaggerated to create something that isn’t seen in real life. Everything that happened in Sean’s story is something that is believable and realistic. Running into someone from your past in the same town you went to college together in? It can happen. Having to decide how you feel about someone romantically and making a decision on how to proceed? It happens. Facing repercussions in the present because of past hurt that has impacted present personal agendas? It, too, happens. Like I previously stated, The Former Things, is a refreshing addition to romance books in that it shows a love story that can happen in real life.

The Relatability of The Former Things

The layers of this book are poignant and profound, but the story is relatable. Though not everyone can relate with all of Sean’s experiences or beliefs, most people can relate to the everyday struggles he endures. The relatability is found in Sean’s trying to form friendships and connections as an adult, trying to date/build healthy relationships, trying to find one’s self and figure out what you want your life to look like, etc.

Through this relatable narrative, Steadham weaves together many lessons for readers to take away. These lessons, though rooted in biblical truth, do not come across as self-righteous or ‘preachy.’ Because of this, The Former Things is a great novel for diverse readers. Readers in various parts of their religious walk, and readers who might have strayed from Christianity or even have never identified as a Christian, can gain valuable reflection from Steadham’s work. I highly encourage readers to buddy-read or read with a group or book club in order to better converse about the various questions raised and concepts touched on within this novel.

What Does it Mean to Have Faith?

Within the scope of religion, The Former Things really prompts the reader to think about faith. What exactly does it mean to be a Christian? Is it enough to call yourself a Christian, say grace before meals, and attend church? How do your actions and words impact both your own faith as well as pull or push those around you toward or away from God? Where does mental health fit into the conversation about faith?

This past year, I have had several conversations with others about faith. These discussions have included what it is and what it looks like in daily life. Something that has really stuck with me, and has been reaffirmed through this book, is that faith is NOT a bartering system. Having faith is not labeling yourself as a believer in expectation of happiness. We don’t have faith so that hopes and desires are then handed out. Rather, faith is understanding that there will be good and bad days, things will happen you won’t understand, and you won’t get everything you want in your heart, and, yet, you believe anyway.

Other Themes in The Former Things

In addition, under the umbrella of faith, concepts of relationships and witnessing to others are addressed. For example, while reading, Christians can reflect on how we should witness to non-believers as well as navigate relationships with people we care about who do not believe. Further, a huge yet subtle layer in this novel is that we need to differentiate what is truly God’s plan and what we hope is God’s plan. And, once this is done, how do we cope with the often inevitable realization that we were wrong about God’s plan as our own life plan falls apart?

Outside of themes directly related to faith, The Former Things touches on concepts of forgiveness, grace (offered both to others and to yourself), second chances, and redemption. Again, there are so many talking points and areas on which to reflect. This book is a great book club pick or buddy-read!

Concluding Thoughts

Not everyone’s story in this book is tied up nicely, but that’s just something that makes this book so great. Not everything in real life has perfect closure. Steadham is working on a companion novel. Personally, I really hope Steadham also writes a companion book that follows Jenny Lou one day.

In closing, I highly recommend this book to adult readers. The Former Things is a clean, Christian romance that I believe a diverse audience will enjoy. It will be most enjoyed, in my opinion, as a buddy-read. Meaning, read and discussed with other readers. This is a book that will elicit believers to engage in reflection and tough conversations. Simultaneously, it will help them deepen their walk with Christ. It is also a book that will prompt non-believers to explore big life questions and concepts of faith. Further, it will, prayerfully, lead them to explore more about the Bible and what Christianity truly is.

It’s definitely 5 stars for me because it prompts thoughtful reflection and its just an enjoyable story. I truly do hope to see Jenny Lou’s own book in the near future. I look forward to reading more books by Allen Steadham!

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Nikki Mitchell: Author Interview

Nikki Mitchell is an author, freelancer for her local newspaper, and homeschooling mama of two in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When asked what she likes to do in her spare time she explained that she loved adventure and being outside. “The county I live in has 314 lakes, 900 miles of river, 8 waterfalls, and I’m surrounded by forests,” Nikki said. “I love to kayak, go for walks, snowshoe, and just explore the fairyland world I live in.” A fun fact about Nikki is that she collects typewriters, and she has one that was used to write war bonds! Let’s welcome author Nikki Mitchell now.

Author Nikki Mitchell poses with one of her books.

Welcome, Nikki

Q) Thanks for being here! To start, please describe yourself in 3 words.

A) Storyteller, adventurer, daughter of the King.

Q) Describe your writing in 5 words (or less).

A) Middle-grade portal-hopping fantasies.

Q) If you had a theme song for your life, what would it be and why?

A) “Hey Girl,” by Anne Wilson. I’ve dealt with a lot of anxiety and people-pleasing issues since I was young, and this song is a great reminder for me when I’m struggling. I guess sometimes I’m a lot like Ichabod. (minus the siblings as I’m an only child).

More about Nikki

Q) What was your most recent 5-star read and why?

A) Voodoo Shack by Terri Martin. It reminded me so much of To Kill a Mockingbird. The story was so good and I read it in a few afternoons.

Q) You’re throwing a literary dinner party where you can invite 3 authors, living or not. Who is invited and why?

A) Ray Bradbury (he’s been my favorite author since I was in high school), Estelle Grace Tudor (she writes magical fairytale books as well and my daughter is obsessed), and R.L. Stine (his Master Class is what encouraged me to start writing fiction again).

Q) If you were a season dragon, which season would you be and why?

A) I’d 100% be Gran. If that wasn’t an option, then Winter for sure. Winter is my favorite season, and I could hibernate the rest of the year, haha!

Nikki Mitchell’s Writing

Season of Dragons

Q) I absolutely adore your first book in the Magic Shoebox Adventure series Season of Dragons! Readers can check out my full review of it here. What can you tell us about Season of Dragons?

A) Season of Dragons is a portal fantasy about a boy who doesn’t really fit in with his family, and often feels left out and forgotten. He has an adventurous spirit though, and on his way to the bus stop, he finds a dragon egg. It transports him into a magical land filled with dragons. It’s there that he meets Ingrid and Gran, both characters who also have trouble fitting in with their families.

The book is filled with adventure, ADHD representation, found-family, and learning that sometimes not fitting in gets you to places you’d never see if you were just like everyone else.

Q) What was the inspiration behind Season of Dragons, the first in the Magic Shoebox Adventure series?

A) After writing and publishing Eleanor’s adventures, my son (who is very much like Ichabod) said that the books were too girly (they’re not haha) and needed dragons. Season of Dragons was written very much for Everett. Gran was actually my husband’s idea and it was too fun to not throw in the book. I never expected her to be a reader favorite, but she is.

Q) In your own words, what type of reader will Ichabod’s story resonate with?

A) Ichabod’s story is very much for the kids who are often overlooked, are adventurous at heart, struggle with fitting in and may have intrusive mental thoughts. It’s for the reluctant readers, the ones who would rather be out finding pirate treasure than anything else.

Other Works

Q) Can you tell us about your other works available to readers?

A) I also have another trilogy out (Eleanor Mason’s Literary Adventures) and that’s a story that follows classic fairytale vibes and teaches young readers about the true magic of books, libraries, and librarians. It’s also middle grade with short chapters for reluctant readers.

In addition to my MG books, I have a short book for encouraging moms to write their books, even with littles at home. It’s called how to write a book with a kid on your lap. It’s my only non-fiction book and gives small snippets into what my process in writing Eleanor’s books looked like.

Q) What do you hope readers of your novel, or any of your works, walk away feeling and/or thinking?

A) I hope readers walk away knowing that they are wonderful just as they are. They were handpicked to be exactly who they are, and it doesn’t matter what anyone says—nothing can take that away from them. I hope they walk away knowing the magic of stories and books in general. And I hope that they call their grandma. (and for those that read Eleanor’s books, that they thank their librarian for being the keeper of magical books).

Current Projects

Q) Can you tell us about your current writing projects?

A) I’m currently working on the second book in the Magic Shoebox Adventure: An Unlucky Companion. It will release on September 13, 2024. I don’t have a blurb for it yet, but Ichabod goes on an adventure with a bunch of superstitious pirates. It features a character with a life-threatening allergy and epi-pen use.

I’m also finishing a picture book called “Oscar’s Noisy Dilemma” which is about a young octopus who struggles with being overwhelmed at a birthday party.

Advice from Nikki Mitchell

Q) If you could give your younger self any advice, in terms of writing or something else, what would it be?

A) Don’t give up on the dream of publishing books. (I totally did because I didn’t think it would ever be in my future) and “you’re going to marry that boy, so you might as well just date him.”

Q) What advice can you share with other authors?

A) Don’t let the market for what’s popular right now stop you from writing the book you’re meant to write. The trends change, but the story that is inside of you is there for a reason.

Q) What advice can you share with young readers?

A) Keep reading. Read books that are silly, that make you laugh. Read books that make you want to hide under the blanket with a flashlight at midnight. Read until you find the book that lights up your world. I promise you it’s out there.


Q) Thank you so much, Nikki, for being here! Is there anything else you would like to add?

A) I just want to say thank you to anyone who has ever showed any of my books love—by reading, by sharing them, etc. This is literally a dream come true and I am so appreciative of everyone I’ve met in this adventure!

Connect with Nikki Mitchell through her website, Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon.

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Season of Dragons by Nikki Mitchell: Book Review

Season of Dragons by Nikki Mitchell

Season of Dragons by Nikki Mitchell is a fast-paced middle grade book with echoes of whimsy found in the films of Studio Ghibli. That along with its balance of humor and important themes in the vein of author Roald Dahl, Season of Dragons is a fantastic book for young readers.

In this first installment of the “Magic Shoebox Adventure” series, we are introduced to young Ichabod Surname. The warning message in the beginning of the book immediately entices you to dive in; and once you start? You need to know what Ichabod does next!

What is the Book About?

Ichabod is the forgotten child in his family. He doesn’t get along with his siblings, and his mother threw out his precious shoebox of treasures. Without his shoebox of treasures, how will pass his science presentation at school? Ichabod is in luck—he happens to find a dragon egg at the bus stop. But when he goes to grab the egg from his backpack to share with his class he is transported to a different realm!

A paperback book of Season of Dragons by Nikki Mitchell surrounded by faux rainbow cupcakes and fake flowers. There are also two bookmarks, an envelope with script, a print of the cover, and a black "dragon" egg."

He finds himself in the village Hasir. The weather is going haywire because the Season Dragons fight among themselves in their cave across the water. The grown-ups discuss what to do, but they have no solutions. An unlikely friend, Ingrid, helps Ichabod in his quest to talk to the Season Dragons after the grown-ups mock his idea. Though he loves exploring, Ichabod faces a new type of adventure. One with a manipulative Mist, self-centered dragons, and wacky weather. In order to help restore the seasons for the people of Hasir, Ichabod must find the grandmother of the Season Dragons for help. And on this crusade to fix the weather and return the dragon egg, Ichabod learns a thing or two about finding family and being your authentic self.

My Thoughts on Season of Dragons

I started reading this book, and couldn’t stop! It is a quick read at a little over 100 pages, and its pace is definitely good for young readers who often grow bored when bogged down with too much unnecessary information thrown at them. While reading, I felt reminded of Dahl’s character Matilda Wormwood. Like Matilda, Ichabod is a sympathetic character who, through determination and gusto, makes a difference. In summary, Ichabod Surname is a relatable young man who inspires readers to do what is right, never fear adventure, and to remember to call their grandma.

Season of Dragons Makes An Excellent Novel Study

As a school librarian, I feel this book is perfect to add to a classroom reading list during the academic year. In fact, soon after first discovering this delightful book, I added a paperback copy to our library catalog. In addition, I will be using it for a novel study with a small group of students at school this upcoming fall during our enrichment time. Nikki includes a list of discussion questions for teachers at the end of the book which can be used for the classroom setting. I used the provided questions and plan to use some self-created supplemental materials as well (I’m happy to share with fellow educators once I get them all finalized).

The book itself lends itself to discussing various topics including character development, elements of plot, theme, types of conflict, point of view, context clues, and inferencing. The vivid fantasy world Nikki creates lends itself to endless creativity when it comes to designing writing prompts and multimedia presentations for students as well. I am so excited to share this book with my school babies in the years ahead, and I encourage other librarians and teachers to share with their kids, too!


Overall, Season of Dragons is superb. I readily give it 5-stars as it is a short, humorous yet poignant book for developing readers. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book of the Magic Shoebox Adventure series!

Remember to requests a copy of Nikki’s book at your local library, recommend the book to your friends in education, and order your own copy! You can also connect with Nikki on her website on on Instagram.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Moriah Chavis: Author Interview

Moriah Chavis is an author and elementary school librarian in North Carolina. Heart of the Sea, her debut YA fantasy novel, released earlier this month. Aside from writing and reading, Moriah enjoys going for walks or runs and spending time with her husband. They have a standing date to the movies once a month, and sometimes they plan months in advance. An interesting tidbit about Moriah, aside from her being born during a full moon on Christmas, is that she never forgets anything she’s read! Let’s welcome Moriah Chavis now.

Moriah Chavis; picture pulled from her author website online.

Welcome, Moriah!

Q) Describe yourself in 3 words.

A) Determined (some might say stubborn), motivated, creative.

Q) If you had a theme song for your life, what would it be and why?

A) Oh goodness, I don’t know! I feel like it would change daily, based on my mood. I don’t listen to a lot of music, but I love music with Celtic, earthy undertones. If it can be played on a lute, I would probably love it.

Q) What was your most recent 5-star read and why?

A) The Inkblack Heart by Robert Galbraith. I’m obsessed with these books after my friend got me into them. For those who don’t know, Robert Galbraith is J.K. Rowling’s psyeudonym. TIH is book six in her crime fiction series, and I’m in love with the characters. Robin and Cormoran work so well together, and their relationship is everything any reader looks for in a slow burn friendship to what we “hope” to one day be something more. The cases are so well thought out and plotted perfectly. Even at over 1,000 pages I found myself flying through it. She creates not just a story but an entire world. For adult Harry Potter fans who love thrillers, I can’t recommend them enough.

 Q) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

A) Scotland. I’m a huge Outlander and Harry Potter fan. I would love to see all the filming locations for both! 

Moriah’s Writing

Q) Describe your writing in 5 words (or less).

A) Fantastical, romantic, high-stakes, hopeful

Q) What can you tell us about Heart of the Sea?

A) I started writing it almost three and a half years ago! For me, even though there is a romance, it has always been a story about two sisters. Nerissa, our FMC, struggled in her early teen years finding her place, and this story is as much about finding where you fit in with the family you’ve been given and the one that finds you.

Q) What was the inspiration behind Heart of the Sea, this pirate adventure featuring the found family trope?

A) I love Pirates of the CaribbeanHOTS would be like if Will Turner was a lost prince and Elizabeth had magic. While it’s a nod at my love for those movies, it is also a quest. I love chosen one and quest stories, and when I sat down to write this one, I wrote out each obstacle they would face before they got to their destination.

Q) What type of reader will Nerissa’s story resonate with?

A) I think anyone who loves a female MC [main character] who is independent, but she also needs others to help her along the way. Since it is a story about two sisters, I think anyone who has a sibling can resonate with this story. Ironically, I don’t have a sister, but I do have a brother. I’m not sure I could have written their complicated relationship if I didn’t have a sibling of my own.

More from Moriah Chavis

Q) Now that Heart of the Sea has released, what is your next writing project?

A) I’m working on two things! One, finishing the first draft of my next novel releasing with Twenty Hills Publishing. The title hasn’t been released yet, but it’s a collection of short stories about one FMC [female main character]. It’s a continuation of one of the stories that released in the second edition of What Darkness Fears. The FMC in those stories has the ability to see ghosts, and it’s about her journey of self-discovery, solving supernatural crime, and ignoring societal rules of the late 19th Century London. Two, I’m also going back into the query trenches for a novel I’ve been working on. I’ve been in the trenches A LOT since I started writing, so I’m hoping and praying for the Lord’s will as I dive back in with a story very near and dear to my heart.

Q) What do you hope readers of your novel, or any of your works, walk away feeling and/or thinking?

A) Hope. I don’t believe every story has to have a happy ending, but I do believe that you can find hope in my stories. Even if I leave my readers with a bittersweet tale, I want them to know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if they can’t see it yet. I’m big on writing stories where family takes precedent. 

What Exactly IS Young Adult?

Q) On your social media, you are very vocal about ensuring young adult books do not expose children to mature content. I, wholeheartedly, agree with your stance that YA books should be made YA again as the target audience exists to reach ages starting at 13. Can you tell us how your experience as a school librarian and reader have shaped your view and how in turn that influences your own writing?

A) I love talking about this because I don’t think we talk about it enough. It’s obvious that society is trying to age up children. I’ve read some marvelous books that were marketed as YA but I would not want a younger student reading them. If we want to included mature content (i.e. sexual content) in books, then we need another category. Personally, I don’t think YA needs anything above fade-to-black. Even then, not every book needs sexual content. There are more happening in teens and young adults lives than that. We’re not being fair to them to make it appear commonplace.

I see a lot in the public school system, and I think we as adults have a responsibility to give children a taste of childhood, especially through books. Protecting their innocence is getting more and more difficult, but there is nothing wrong with trying to do that. I know when I was first exposed to YA, I wanted a good story. Yes, I loved Twilight first, so I wanted a romance. But I was twelve. I didn’t need anything more than that. They go on their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn! I was scandalized. For anyone who has read that book, you know it’s fade-to-black. But the same can be said for many books.

The, what I consider, classic YA, felt like YA. It was age-appropriate, and 12 to 18 year-olds could enjoy it. My question is why there are so many people adamant that we need more explicit content when we didn’t need it then? Nothing has changed except for our perception of what is appropriate. I want to write stories families can share. I want to write books mothers and daughters can discuss with one another on the drive to school. There’s nothing like sharing a good story, and I don’t want to lose the art in that. Our goal should be to get children excited about reading. If you teach a kid to read, you’ve given them the only tool in life they need to succeed. But if they have nothing to read, we’re failing them. 

Advice from Moriah Chavis

Q) If you could give your younger self any advice, in terms of writing or something else, what would it be?

A) It’s okay to be who you are. I’ve spent so long worrying about what others thought of me. The old me would have never said some of the things the new me says now. I found my voice through writing. I got closer to God through it because I do feel like it’s my calling to write. It’s something I could never give up. Now, I am unabashedly who I am. I’m a nerd. I only wear bookish clothing. My favorite thing to do on vacation is read and find the closest bookstore. Being who I am and accepting that person, the person God made me to be, was so freeing. I encourage everyone to be happy with who they are and pray about how they can be used to influence others. It will bleed into their writing in the best way. 

Q) What advice can you share with other authors?

A) Finish the story. Everything else can be fixed later. Find the end, and then go back to the beginning. Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. If you know how your story ends, you can truly find where it should begin.

Connect with Moriah

You can connect with Moriah on Instagram, Facebook, Threads, and by subscribing to her newsletter.

Heart of the Sea by Moriah Chavis.

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Heart of the Sea by Moriah Chavis

Heart of the Sea: A Book Spotlight

Heart of the Sea is the recently released young adult fantasy by Moriah Chavis. It includes well-loved tropes such as found family, the chosen one, and enemies to lovers within the wrappings of a pirate adventure. I am so excited to read it!

Book Blurb

Sometimes you have to trust the one sent to destroy you in order to save the one you love.

Willing to do whatever it takes to save her sister, Nerissa Elliot commandeers the ship of notorious pirate, Cyrus Crow.

But Crow has a mission: kill Nerissa and earn his freedom from the Queen who’s controlled him half his life. However, Nerissa harbors powers over the sea. Powers she can’t control. Powers that threaten to consume her.

With nothing but a tenuous facade of an alliance and sparks between them, they set sail to face sirens, sea dragons, betrayal, and Nerissa’s own uncontrollable ability. Can they find the strength to trust each other? Or will they destroy one another for the sake of their quests?

Graphic featuring Heart of the Sea cover in physical and e-copy forms above an endorsement written in white text above an ocean background.

Praise for Heart of the Sea

White text over ocean water.
White text over ocean water. Endorsement for Heart of the Sea.
White text over ocean water. Endorsement for Heart of the Sea.
White text over ocean water.

I am so excited to read Heart of the Sea in the near future. In fact, I already have it on my Kindle! It sounds like a beautiful story that reminds us all the light always prevails over darkness.

Next week, Moriah will be stopping by the blog for an author interview. She will be talking about this release as well as her stand on the “make young adult books young adult again” movement. Make sure to “follow” the blog so you don’t miss it!

Check out past blog posts, which range from book reviews to author interviews to more bookish fun, here.

Get Your Copy Today!

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Full cover of Heart of the Sea by Moriah Chavis. Order links are hyperlinked to image.

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Aivan: The One Truth is 1 Year Old!

Aivan: The One Truth released July 26, 2022 which means that it turned one year old this week! Since releasing last year, the novella has earned a wonderfully positive review from Kirkus, a 5-starred review from Readers’ Favorite, AND the Bronze Illumination Book Award in the Young Adult category!

I am so thankful for this writing journey in which the Lord is leading me. I am thankful for my publisher, Ambassador International, and for YOU and all those who have read or will read Aivan: The One Truth! As I work on current projects and take steps to release more books, my fantasy debut novella will always hold a special place in my heart.

What is the book about?

Book Blurb: Two young people from opposite sides of the Great Continent must make sense of their life.

Rune has grown up all of her life in the mountainous northern nation of Kansanai. As granddaughter of the Senior Elder, she has been a devout believer of the Vihishki gods her whole life. Yet, when a prophet challenges the Vihishki gods against his Aivan, the One Truth, everything she thought she knew is turned upside down.

Will Rune be able to let go of the life she thought she deserved for something far greater than what she could have ever imagined? Rolf goes through the motions of everyday life in the southern nation of Etalentin. Yet, his routine is disrupted when a voice claiming to be the one true God speaks to him. Listening to his heart, he follows Aivan, but he is thrown temptation after temptation on his journey. Will Rolf be able to resist the temptations in order to fulfill Aivan’s plan for him?

Author Kayla E. Green smiles with her book Aivan: The One Truth.

What Content is in Aivan: The One Truth?

Graphic with excerpt from 5-starred Readers' Favorite review.
Aivan: The One Truth surrounded by crown and roses. Above there is a bookmark with text.

Aivan: The One Truth is a fast-paced novella that is written for a Young Adult audience. It is a prequel to the upcoming Chronicles of the One Truth which is a series that follows a multi-generational cast of characters. As such, it is a quick introduction to the world of the Great Continent, and, therefore, it is limited.

There are parallels to well-loved biblical stories, as several readers have noted in reviews. But, though there are elements of thematic truth from a Christian perspective woven within the narrative, the book is a work of fantasy fiction. As such, there are liberties taken such as a the inclusion of a soft magic system (in the vein of Tolkien). However, a few readers have raised concerns of the novella featuring a female messiah; rest assured, this is not the intention. A new character is briefly introduced in the conclusion of the novella and the sneak peak in the forthcoming series shines light into what readers will see but it is vague. More will be understood in the primary story world; stay tuned!

So, What’s Next?

As expressed in the book blurb, the prequel novella, Aivan: The One Truth, follows Rune and Rolf. They are the parents of Reyna. She will be the main character in the first full-length novel of the Chronicles of the One Truth book series. Reyna’s story is a seafaring pirate fantasy, and her character draws inspiration from the biblical figures of Elijah, Moses, and Abraham. But she is a YA heroine through and through! Make sure to stay tuned for more details to be shared in the (hopefully near) future!

Order Your Own Copy of Aivan: The One Truth!

If you haven’t yet read Aivan: The One Truth, then make sure to grab your copy below! You can also find it online with other book retailers such as Barnes and Noble. Remember, you can also request a copy at your local library. And, if you enjoy the novella, please consider taking a moment to leave a short review. Reviews are so helpful!

Find the ebook below.

Find the paperback below.

Thank you for following along! Tune in next week for a feature on a YA fantasy releasing soon, Heart of the Sea by Moriah Chavis!

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Elizabeth Jacobson: Author Interview

Elizabeth Jacobson is the author of Not By Sight which is currently a double Semi-Finalist for 2023 Carol Award. I absolutely loved reading the biblical fiction novel Not By Sight (find my full review here), and I’m grateful for the opportunity to interview Elizabeth today to learn more about her!

In addition to being an author, Elizabeth is a middle school mathematics intervention teacher in California. Self-described as both analytical and creative as well as kind, Elizabeth enjoys drawing and watching videos in her spare time. She also enjoys researching linguistics, history, and geography. Fun fact: Elizabeth loves going to escape rooms. Let’s welcome Elizabeth Jacobson now!

Author headshot of Elizabeth Jacobson (photo submitted by Elizabeth).

Welcome, Elizabeth Jacobson!

Q) To start our time together, please describe your writing in 5 words. 

A) Character-focused, researched, human, God-honoring, uplifting

Q) If you had a theme song for your life, what would it be and why?

A) Oh goodness, I can’t possibly pick! Right now, I do really love Dead Man Walking by Jeremy Camp. It really speaks to the journey that God has brought me on in working to overcome anxiety.

Elizabeth’s Writing

Not By Sight

Q) Can you tell us about your works currently available to readers?

A) Yes! Not by Sight: a novel of the patriarchs is a retelling of the Joseph story in the Biblical book of Genesis. It focuses more on his remarkable inward journey of faith, rather than his outward journey that we all know. It is currently a double Carol Award semifinalist in the Debut Novel and Historical categories, and I am so honored!

Q) So, what was the inspiration behind Not By Sight?

A) I’ve always loved the Joseph narrative in the Bible. One of the things that draws me to writing speculative fiction is the opportunity to see characters react and grow in extreme situations. I love the drama. It’s the only part of my life where I thrive on drama, lol. The Joseph narrative is 100% historical, and yet the “drama” is extraordinarily high.

Besides that, though, the Joseph narrative is a lesson in faith, and I really love that. I loved tackling Joseph’s journey and seeing how he grows in his faith over time, despite being separated from his father, the only one who could really teach him about God, and despite being in such horrible circumstances. It’s not a natural thing for a human to do in such a situation, at all.

It was a wonderful challenge trying to figure out how Joseph would grow in his faith – would choose to grow in his faith – naturally. I think it’s all too easy, since Joseph is a Type of Christ, to just assume that he was mostly perfect or something, somehow. But that’s not true. It can’t be true – he was human, just like the rest of us. But he looked horrible situations in the eye, and despite that, chose to trust God.

Other Projects

Q) What are you currently working on?

A) I’m currently working on a fantasy trilogy called Over Stars. Books 1 and 2 are drafted, and draft one of Book 3 will be happening soon! I hope to start hyping the release of Book 1 sometime in 2024. I also have some art commissioned that I am super excited about!

Q) Can you tell us more about the trilogy?

A) Over Stars is my “baby”, haha. It is the first story that I ever began writing on my own, and I’ve been working on it on and off for over 15 years! However, I only began drafting in earnest a few years back. I like to call it “fantasy with a sci-fi twist.” The story centers around a kingdom at war that becomes threatened by an outside force. Racial divisions within the kingdom run high, but those divisions must be overcome in the face of treason, trust, and an incredible secret.

Faith and Writing

Q) Who will enjoy your books?

A) Adults will enjoy my books, but I think teens can too. I write “clean”, though dark topics may be discussed, such as in the Joseph narrative when he is accused of r*pe. When it comes to Not by Sight, I believe that the decision is up to the parent. That said, there is nothing of that sort in Not by Sight that is not also in the Bible. And I think teens can definitely enjoy my fantasy series, Over Stars!

Q) How does your faith intersect with your writing?

A) Oh gosh. An easier question might be “How does it not intersect?”! My faith in God is woven into my very soul. My writing comes from my soul. My faith is very, very ingrained into the way that I write. That said, messages of faith may be stronger or more subtle, depending on the book that I am writing.

Q) What is your favorite Bible verse?

A) I love Hebrews 12:1-3. It acknowledges that life is a race that requires endurance, but reminds us that Jesus is with us and ran that race, too. He understands!

More About Elizabeth Jacobson

Q) What was your most recent 5-star read and why?

A) I can’t actually say the name! I recently beta read for a friend. Her book blew me away, and it’s not even done yet! I loved her incorporation of faith and family.

Q) Do you incorporate similar themes or favorite tropes across your writing? 

A) The themes in my books always tend to cycle back to two things: God and family. Family can be the source of a person’s great joys but also deep heartaches. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to family. God, on the other hand, is that one constant that humans are so desperately searching for.

Q) Speaking of tropes, what is your favorite bookish trope? On the other hand, what about your least favorite?

A) I love Chosen Ones. Yes, I am covering my face right now. I can’t help it! Of course, I prefer it if they’re done in a new and fresh way, but there you go! I can’t help but love them. As for least favorite tropes, I really hate killing a female character to motivate a male, a character being r*ped as a motivator for personal growth, and toxic relationships. Ugh.

Q) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

A) I think it would have to be the UK. I love the history there, and my three favorite authors (Tolkien, Lewis, and Austen) are from there as well!


Q) If you could give your younger self any advice, in terms of writing or something else, what would it be? 

A) You have a lot to learn, you always will. But you are more capable than you think you are. Trust God, and He will show you the paths that He has made you for.

Q) In conclusion, what advice can you share with other authors? My advice would be to focus on character when you write! Worldbuilding is amazing and “fun” (I say “fun” through gritted teeth, because it is like molasses in January when I am coming up with worldbuilding ideas, hah), plot is amazing and fun, perfecting prose is amazing and fun. But my hot take is that all of this pales in comparison to character. Readers don’t relate to worldbuilding, plot, or prose. They relate to people. This is the power of character. When your characters are dynamic, it can compensate for all sorts of other flaws in a story. Of course, we want to smooth out as many flaws as possible, but character is the most important thing to get right!

Not By Sight promotional graphic.

Connect with Elizabeth!

Connect with Elizabeth through website, Facebook, and Instagram. And get your very own copy of Not By Sight and request at your local library!

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Wither and Bloom: Book Review

Wither and Bloom, an anthology by Twenty Hills Publishing, released in January of this year. This collection of flash fiction, short stories, and poetry explores what love is at its core.

Copy of the book Wither and Bloom sites in grass with little white flowers.

The words within each included piece delve into what it feels like to fall in love; to desperately cling to the hope of reviving a fading love that was once blindingly vivid; to be washed anew as love breathes life into once drowning lungs; to stand against hardships with steadfast surety knowing your love will endure; to watch love shift and evolve into something young and budding to something eternal and blooming….

My Thoughts on Wither and Bloom

Oh my heart! My heart has been broken yet mended by the words within these pages. Prior to the anthology’s release, I had read some of the stories. However, I just read the hardback edition in its entirety earlier this month. And, I honestly don’t know why I waited so long to dive into this exploration of love!

The Blessing Love Is

While reading, I cried more than once. But what I love about this collection is that the tears I shed were healing. I rejoiced with the fictional cast of characters while also recognizing the love and the choices surrounding love within my own life. And, y’all, I feel so blessed.

I am, in a lot of ways, living the life I spent literal years praying for. My life isn’t perfect. Nobody’s life is perfect. But my life abounds with love. I have the steadfast love of my husband, the supporting love of my family, the encouraging love of friends, and the unconditional love from my Savior, Jesus Christ. And there is no convincing me that the abounding love in my life is not a blessing. [Check out this insightful sermon on the meaning of blessings here.]

My Favorite Pieces in Wither and Bloom

There are SO many wonderful pieces in the anthology. In fact, I can full-heartedly say there was something I enjoyed about EVERY piece. Which doesn’t happen regularly when I read anthologies.

Wither and Bloom has four sections that focus on different aspects/types of love. But, even within the four classifications, it is clear that love is a choice which is the umbrella theme of the collection. In life, sometimes the choices surrounding love feel effortless while other times it feels like trudging through deep, sticky mud. But all times, the choice to love is worth it.

Standout Author

One of my favorite authors included in Wither and Bloom is without a doubt Cassandra Hamm. Her ability to pack so much emotion in such a small package never ceases to astound me. Her piece “Eliza” completely encapsulated me, and I desperately need more of Lisbeth and Norm. Additionally, Cassandra’s numerous pieces featuring Wynstann and Gemma are so beautiful. Each one by itself demonstrates the power of love. But all together, they work to show how love, true love, has a transformative affect.

Part One Favorites

Mary E. Dipple’s “Home” is reminiscent of Francine River’s writing, reminding us all that we can return home and embrace the love waiting for us with open arms, always.

AJ Skelly’s “Chances and Choices” beautifully illustrates that the choices we make impact our lives beyond what limited foresight can truly know, even at a tender age. How many of us loved and lost, or never knew a love at all or have only known one love and that’s all we ever needed, because of choices made in youth?

Katie Fitzgerald’s “Drive Me Home” sweetly shows that when you love someone you are willing to do things you wouldn’t normally do. When you love someone you do things because you love seeing the person you love experience things they love.

“Storm of Betrayal” by Crystal D. Grant reminds me of the old song, “I’m Going to Love You Through It.”

“Sheep, Shows, and Shrews” by Hannah Carter and Anne J. Hill reminds me the importance of extending love when we can even if we deem it inconvenient. We should help others and love others any chance we get. Further, Hill’s “But, Our End” reminds us that active listening and pursued communication are necessary acts to keep choosing love.

Part Two Favorites

Megan Dill’s “Post-It Notes” reminds us that the little things matter.

Mary Agnes Ratelle’s “O Dayspring” should be a classic to share in the holiday season alongside the well-known O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi.”

“Mud Prints” by Kristen Bazen teaches the importance of extending grace and forgiveness and pouring into your spouse even when you feel empty because bitterness has no place in a healthy relationship; they will fill you back up in return.

Part Three Favorites

Rachel Lawrence’s “The End” had me staring across the room at my husband knowing within the inner fiber of my very being that we one day will look back knowing what we had in the life we built together was so beautiful, so meaningful that we would take that leap all over again with one another if given the chance.

Nobel Shut Chan’s “Memory Lane,” with Nicholas Sparks’ vibes, had me weeping. I pulled myself together just for Hailey Huntington’s “Love Remembers” to reopen the floodgates.

Part Four Favorites

And, though I have read “A Papa for Nova” by Hannah Carter before, the story struck a different chord. I will admit that the tears flowed freely as my heart swelled at the heartwarming piece during this re-read.


The stories, with love woven within each thread, are are-inspiring. Each sentence, together creates a tapestry reminding every reader that real love is a choice; real love is something we all deserve to be given freely; and real love is something we should want to give as well.

In my youth, I would have been most drawn to the “falling” category. But in my current stage, “enduring” and “abiding” most resonated with me. I believe wholeheartedly, this collection can be enjoyed by many age groups. Though this collection was put together with an adult reader in mind, young adult audiences can enjoy it as well. Please be aware there are some dealings with mature/heavy topics such as abuse, neglect, death, alcoholism, etc.

Any fan of romance and love in general will enjoy this anthology. There are multiple genres including speculative fiction sprinkled throughout, but contemporary fiction is the most seen within this anthology.

In transparency, I do have a poem, “The Truth About Love,” included within the hardback edition. But the inclusion of my poem or not, this is a collection every romantic should add to their library. We don’t need a special occasion to be reminded that love is real, powerful, and obtainable. So, don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary to read this…your heart will thank you.

Wither and Bloom sits next to green plant on wooden table.

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